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Campaigns against Bangladesh

"I demand that after taking the international community into confidence, India attack Pakistan to dismantle terrorist centres, not only Pakistan but Bangladesh should also be attacked where terrorist centres are operating," - BJP president Rajnath Singh ( The Hindu Nationalist party BJP ruled secular india from 1998 t0 2004 and currently holds 138 seats in the parliament as the main opposition party)

BlockquoteThe present conditions in the Indo-Bangladesh borders are far from being normal, to say the least. Every day, it seems, innocent Bangladeshis are being shot at like birds by the Indian security forces (BSF). The BSF have been always noted in recent years for their high-handed activities at the common border areas. But the frequency and the scale of the violence by the BSF against Bangladesh have escalated to an unprecedented high degree in recent months. The same is not only causing a lot of concern among countrymen, the same has led to a lot of speculation among the foreign community in Bangladesh about the imminent bigger forays.
An article was noted in a Bangladeshi newspaper recently in which its American writer contemplated the possibility of an Indian attack against Bangladesh. According to him, the attacks could be one for testing the morale and effectiveness of Bangladeshi fighting forces and aimed to occupy and retain physical control over parts of Bangladesh on the plea of keeping the occupied areas free from the activities of Islamic militants who allegedly pose a threat to Indian security. Conspicuously, the writer's prophecy coincides with what the top leader of the previous ruling party in India, BJP, suggested recently that India should attack Bangladesh to free it from Islamic terrorists who are a menace to India's security and for this India can seek the approval of the US government. Interestingly, the US writer in a local newspaper hinted that such an approval might be given since the days of collective security is over in some parts of the world where every country must ensure its own security.
The allegation that Bangladesh poses a threat to India's security is devoid of even common sense because anyone can see for himself that there are enough conditions within India itself to give rise to multiple insurgencies there. The Kashmiri militants rose in revolt against Indian oppression in their homeland. Some years ago the Sikhs rose in similar revolt and they were suppressed with a heavy hand. There are many insurgencies in north-eastern India that feed on local discontent due to the neglect of the federal government to their needs and from pure separatist impulses. Therefore, it does not require a neighbouring country to instigate troubles in India.
Insurgent groups in India

Arunachal Pradesh
Violent: Arunachal Dragon Force
Proposed state: Teola country

Political: Gondwana Ganatantra Party, seeking to create a Gondi state from parts of Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and Maharashtra.

Political: Vidarbha Rajya Party, Vidarbha Vikas Party, seeking to separate Vidarbha from Maharashtra.
What then are the reasons for what are perceived as stepped up aggressive activities of India against Bangladesh? It seems that the Indian leadership is disappointed with the incumbent government of Bangladesh for not giving in to Indian pressures on various issues such as transit through Bangladesh, for not allowing the gas resources of Bangladesh to be used in India, among others. The highly resolved and nationalistic stand of the government is unacceptable to India which wants a Bangladesh more compliant to their demands and objectives. It is imperative, therefore, to be extremely careful about the Indian government's intentions and also that of other powers in respect of national security."


Anonymous BANGALI PATRIOT said...


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Blogger Diganta said...

Who's Rajnath Singh - he's not a part of Indian Govt, right? And his comments inside India is totally Indian internal affair. Khaleda Jia is welcome to make more anti-India comments in her vote campaign - Indians are not supposed to look at those. Keep Internal affairs to internal boundaries!! cheers!!

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Blogger Razib Rashedin said...

What a silly comment and what a silly person you are ! Your 'habitual dadagiri' hasn't stopped in your boundary. You now threat other people, plan to invade, kill in hundreds and then talk about internal affair. You are old enough to understand making anti-india/bangladesh comment and threatening to invade is two different thing completely. Instead of condemning the propostrous comment, you are welcoming it. I wonder how stupid and ignorant the Indians can possible be ! Keep your waste bengal to yourself and don't come crawling to Bangladeshi internal affair ! You can't dictate what we are going to do or not in self-defense!! Thanks.

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Blogger Diganta said...

Regarding killings by BSF - it's definitely an international matter and Bangladesh should raise this issue in International organizations. I will wholeheartedly support Bangladesh if they move to ICJ for compensation. I have written in my blog as well.

Reagrding Rajnath's comment, I would repeat my position. Whatever one tells in their respective country to the country population - is definitely their own internal matter. The threat to invade is eternal and would remain a good political weapon in Bangladesh for years to come. The same weapon used by Pakistani Army to occupy power in Pakistan - before and even now.

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Blogger Diganta said...
You can read a funny blog on how "India" is used as political weapon. You'll see USA is being used as a political weapon in many countries these days - since they have already invaded some countries.

However, if you tell me that I am old enough to understand that a threat to invade Bangladesh is different from anti-Bangladesh sentiments, I would ask you to understand that the comments of Rajnath is nothing but a political stunt :).

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Blogger Razib Rashedin said...

I fully understand that it is a political stunt. But the problem is everything horrible starts this way and this comment is coming from a leader who happens to be the pesident of one of the two biggest political parties in India. Now, all the politicians employ 'stunt' to achieve their goal (so do the celebrities). Problem is when their followers start believing them. I have BJP friends and they whole-heartedly believe that Pakistan and Bangladesh should be attacked. Now, these BJP supporters are normal people and apparently there is nothing wrong with them. But many of them are ignorant about Bangladeshi issues and Islam as a whole.

It's hardly a matter of concern when a celebrity takes drug, but it's worrying if the fans taking drugs as well. When Hitler started his political party, he was nobody but his political 'stunt' turned out to be a dangerous passion for all the Germans. Surprisingly, I see the same trend in India - many people are extreme nationalists and that scares me. The good half of the Indian population should stand against the ignorance and condemn such comments. Sorry but I haven't seen any and there is no excuse for that !

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Blogger Diganta said...

What you've said as a whole is absolutely true. But, I still don't feel there's any reason to worry about India from Bangladesh's perspective. Anti-Pakistan feelings in India and vice-versa were there from the beginning of the nations. Still, they have survived and progressed together, and talking peace right now.
The problem of India is the lack of a trustworthy mass-awareness system, which is often manipulated by these political people. However, I hope, as people will become more and more literate, they'll become more tolerant and would be able to understand neighbours. Rajnath's comments, in that sense, are signs of looking backward.

11:16 AM  
Blogger Diganta said...

By the way, if you are talking to some BJP supporters and tring to get the idea of India you're going through a wrong approach. If you look at BJP as 2nd largest Indian party, you should also see that BJP has more than these right-wing propagandist people. In India, very few people actively support any party and they cast their votes based on the need of that individual, caste, ethnicity, language and religion. Although almost all BJP supporters are saffron flag-bearer, I am not sure if all the voters also think like them.

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Anonymous Sunny said...

India is smart they will NOT attack us Bangladeshis. They have Pakistan to worry about. India was happy when we broke away from the Pakistan Union and if they attack Bangladesh again then they will have two fronts to deal with especially since Bangladeshis are too comfortable being independent.

If USA gives India the initiative to attack Bangladesh then this WW III is truly A WAR AGAINST MUSLIMS.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Razib,

Kudos to you on writing such a well researched article on Indo-Bangla relations and the recent escalation on the border.

While this is a thing of grave concern, I seriously doubt whether there is any logic behind India attacking B'desh.

Firstly, Rajnath Singh, is a politician out of power and like all his ilk is given to making outlandish statemnets for media attention. Why not look at both Begum Zia and Sk. Hsaina's statements when they were out of power.

Secondly, please let us look at this issue logically. It is in the interest of India to have a stable, prosperous and democratic Bangladesh. Geo-politically India has nothing to gain by creating a disgruntled neighbour. Moreover, after years of being in the doldrums the Indian economy is on a roll. No leader in his right mind will risk derailing it by getting into a conflict with a neighbour. Please understand that India cannot hope to develop as a island of prosperity when its neighbours are not doing well.

Thirdly, I appreciate the painstaking research that you have done. Infact as an Indian I had to go back and check up on some of the facts you had covered. However it would have been really great if you would have atleast separated the insurgencies from the statehood movements. Garoland, Dimaland, Gondwana, Chattisgarh, Telengana, Vidharba are all administrative/ political issues just like Gorkhaland and Kamtapur. Khalisthan is dead, the Sikh separatists have been brought back into the fold of India through police action against crimminals and the political process. The Indian government is trying its best to engage all parties in Kashmir through dialogue.

Fourthly, any democracy of notable size will always have issues. Look at Bangladesh for example. Hasn;t there been a violent upsurge in Bandorban among the indigenious communities. And waht about Shk. Abdur Rahman and JMB. Even as linguistically homogeneous and religiously tolerant a country like Bangladesh has some fringe elements who use the name of a just cause to further their own violent movements.

Having said this I did like to point out to Diganta, that there are points on which any Bangladeshi citizen will feel justly perturbed about India. there are quite a few cases where we have as a nation been downright undiplomatic and insensitive. Having worked in Dhaka for some time I have witnessed this first hand.

This whole issue is very difficult for me. You see my family emigrated from Bangladesh to India in the early thirties. At home we still consider ourselves from Purba Bangla. I myself work head a Indo-Bangla joint venture and am based in Dhaka for quite some time. At one side is the land of my birth and the other is the land of my origin. I really have an unique perspective.;)

Please let me know how you feels on these points. Will drop by your blog sometime soon.

-Born Indian, Roots in Bangladesh.

9:11 PM  
Blogger Razib Rashedin said...

Thanks anon for your comments. As I have said before, the comment by the BJP president might be a stunt and may not lead to India attacking Bangladesh - although this view has been expressed by some bloggers and the New Nation Editorial. But my real concern is not whether India is going to attack Bangladesh or not but the absolute silence of the Indian intellectuals, literates and media on this issue. It's amazing how Rajnath, BJP's leader, got away so easily after threatening to invade another country. There was no condemnation from the Indian intellectuals in general and that's sad - really sad. Even in Bangladesh, a similar comment would have sparked huge controversy and condemnation.

With power comes responsibility. India is a powerful country in South Asia or you can say an 'USA' in the South Asian world. Both americans and Indians are extreme nationalists - well, they have to be orelse they wouldn't be able to live together. However, being super nationalist might be scary enough but it's even scarier when there's nobody to criticize the aggressive foreign policy. In the case of USA, you see movies , articles, websites or atleast the libearal democrats criticizing the Government and the foreign policies. In the case of India - it's only Arundhati Roy - a lonely figure. This could be becasue India is largely poor, not bothered or just nor matured enough. But in any case, that's alarming for the neighbours.

You said- "Please understand that India cannot hope to develop as a island of prosperity when its neighbours are not doing well." - It might sound right but it's actually not true. Look at the examples of USA - forgotten Latin America and hatred for USA among them, look at UK, France and Germany and then look at Eastern Europe - forgotten again. look at Saudi Arabia and then Somalia - in each case island of prosperity was possible but then again it led to instablity in those regions. You really need to see 'Motor cycle diaries' - the life of Che Guevara and then you will understand what Island of prosperity does to surrounding places.

You said - "Look at Bangladesh for example. Hasn;t there been a violent upsurge in Bandorban among the indigenious communities. And waht about Shk. Abdur Rahman and JMB. "

yes , exactly the uprise in Bandarban was beacuse we , the bangalis, have been indifferent to their needs for a long time. First of all they didn't want to be a part of 'Muslim' 'Bangla'-desh. But nobody cared what they wanted. they don't have a place in the Bangali cultural fundamentalism which grips Bangladesh so strongly. The result is uprising and a sense of separation. I hope to write more about them later. Shk. Abdur Rahman and JMB are results of our desperate effort to be secular or godless. But saying that, an Abdur Rahman will never rise to power in Bangladesh but an Advani has been in Power already in India. That's where the difference is. In earlier days, Jamaat and BJP were seen by Bangladeshis as two sides of the same coin (as told by my Hindu teacher in the 90's) and then I remember on one sunny day Bangladeshis were shell shocked when they learnt that BJP won the election in India. This is perhaps one of the unusual incidents where an extremist religious party wins an election in a south asian style 'Secular' country. And still the amount of support for BJP i see among Indians is beyond my belief. It reminds me of 1940's Germany or the present Evangelical USA. This is all going very very wrong indeed !

The problems with Indians is that they don't want know or analyze the root casue of an uprising; as you said 'Sikh' criminals punished by police. Really ? Well the documentaries and articles don't say that. An Indian attitude would simply be declaring any uprising as an act of terrorism or foolishness as you have done as well. Nobody revolts without a valid excuse. The 'carpet bombing' attitude doesn't help in solving problems, digging deep helps !

Rather than throwing words, Indians need to belive less in what their media and Goverments say and concentrate more on learning about the small communities, religions and the rest of the World. The same goes for all of us.

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Blogger GONDWANA LAND said...

Gondwana Ganatantra Party
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Gondwana Ganatantra Party was formed in 1991 to plead for the rights of the Gondi people, and to establish a separate Indian state of Gondwana in central India. The party president is Hira Singh Markam.

GGP has one member in the Maharashtra Vidhan Sabha.

In the Vidhan Sabha elections in Uttar Pradesh 2002 GGP had eight candidates, who together mustered 11 262 votes.

In Vidhan Sabha elections in Madhya Pradesh 2003 GGP had launched 61 candidates, who together mustered 512 102 votes. Three were elected.

In the Vidhan Sabha elections in Chhattisgarh 2003 GGP had 41 candidates, but no-one was elected. In total the party received 156 916 votes.

In the 2004 Lok Sabha elections the party presented candidates from Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Before you Bangals criticize India, please look at your own country and explain why the Garos, Chakmas, Khasis, Manipuri's (the list is endless, but what I mean is tribes that are presnet in India and Bangladesh, but a minority in Bagladesh) are oppressed. Why are they discriminated? Why are criminal cases against them not tried in courts of law?

Also I am from Garo Hills in Meghalaya, and I know for a fact that Bangals have infested our land so much so that Garo Hills in some parts are looking like some place belonging to Bangals, and not Garos. Also Bangals from the border areas are habitual theives, stealing cattle from Garo people in the border area, why else would the BSF shoot at people sneaking into the border in the middle of the night?

10:26 AM  
Blogger Peace said...

How funny and stupid insane perversion belongs an Indian high ranking so called political leader. How tragic comments. This is the fanatic fundamentalist who is born in this earth to ruin the planet as 3rd Reich of Germany during World War-II tried. How India will advance with 1.0 billion population of which mostly are in starvation, hunger, poverty, political oppression, torture, violence, superstition, fanaticism, feudalism with the added threat of such human shaped furious wild ignorant and uneducated so called political elements like Rajnath Singh. Such type of hated abhorrent criminal elements hindering the advancements of human civilization around the world for which reason those malignant ultra virus should brought to the court of justice for capital punishment, no matter it is in India or in any part of the solar system. Those are the heinous bustard to stigmatize the peaceful people and nation. This is the solemn duties of all peace-loving people of the world to exterminate such liar ignorant heinous criminals.

5:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is in response to "Peace's" post:

First and foremost, please write in intelligible English. If you can't do it yourself, get someone else who can, to do it for you.

Secondly, (I repeat what I say in my previous post), before you point out the flaws of other countries (like India), please look at your own first, accept that them, then criticise other if you want.

I do not deny that there is injustice/oppression happening in India, but the shit that the minorities have to go through in India is nothing compared to the shit the minorities have to go through in B'desh. Then you want to make yourselves look good by saying things like "liar ignorant heinous criminals" about Indians? Okay, yes, we have horrible people in India who commit serious offences against your fellow Muslims brothers and sisters, which I admit is unforgivable. But will you stay blind to the atrocities committed by your country to the minorities in your country also?

I'll give you one small example: One Cholesh Ritchil Sangma, a Mandi (or Garo) resident of Modhupur, and a leader and activist was brutally murdered on March 18, 2007, and an attempt was made to cover up the evidence. He was campaigning against the Eco Park in the Modhupur Forest, a land that has belonged to the Mandi people for generations (generally Mandi people do not believe in private ownership of land, but because of government regulations, they have proof of ownership for the last 80 years only). The Eco park will take away the land belonging to the Mandi people (which is a source of livelihood for them), and the manner in which it is being is unscientific, and damaging for the environment, not to mention only serves the purpose of lining the pockets of the greedy forest officials. There is a lot more detail to this story, but I will not go anymore into that.

My question for you is: How can you point fingers at others when there is so much going on in your own country, which you seem to be so ignorant about (I don't know if it's because you want to protect the perpetrators or if you're truly ignorant). Do you know that there were protests against this incident as far away as Korea, outside the Bangladeshi consulate? I don't want the example I gave to be an issue of "India v/s B'desh", I point it out mostly because he was a fellow Garo.

Some links you should see about the story that (mind you) Bangladeshi's have written, standing up for the Garos:

Or else if you want, just type in "oppression minorities Bangladesh" in Google and you'll be amazed that such a small country like Bangladesh can generate such a big list of atrocities against the minorities.

I don't want anyone of you to change your opinion of India, but at least open your eyes to the hardship minorities have to face in your own country because of the oppression they have to face. Maybe then you'll understand that "if I treat minorities in my country badly or if I remain a mute spectator, I am no better than the same people in India who oppress their minorities, and I have no right to point my finger."

6:57 AM  
Blogger Smarak said...

It is unfortunate that Bangladeshis have such a perception of India. What's common between bangladeshis and Indians (and for that matter all humans) is that they are mutually suspicious of each other and think emotionally than logically.

First, rhetorics of political parties shouldn't be taken on face value. They do that all the time, both in India and Bangladesh.

Second, I think you should think the following rationally:

1. Why will India attack Bangladesh? Bangladesh is a thickly populated country...Bangladeshi immigrants are a big problem to India's resources, don't u think a Bangladesh will become a nightmare to India's administration?

2. Simply that such a hypothetical case is very impossible. India today has very large diplomatic space and prestige in international arena, which it uses to better our economic position. Imperialist designs on any country will decrease that diplomatic space!

3. India came to east Bengal's help in 1971 because of compulsion (India still is reeling from the huge influx of immigrants then!). The stakes are too high now. Frankly, India hopes it were an island without any neighbor. May be Bangladesh also hopes so...

What I mean is that misunderstanding is created by political parties and ppl like Rajnath Singh and Khaleda Zia. As educated ones, we should look into merit of cases rationally

9:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought i would post a totally balanced response to all, the revious comments i have read.

Firstly people should not get involved or read too much into the comments of Rajnath Singh(political stunt). The BNP leader Khaleda Zia and many of her party associates are constantly spurting out rhetoric against india(no one in India takes her seriously).

Secondly most bangladeshis seem to have a very short term memory, it was India that liberated East Pakistan and allowed for the formation of Bangladesh. People seem to forget that the Pakistani Army unconditionally surrendered to the indian army; and India took 93,000 pakistani soldiers prisoner(the biggest army surrender in the history of he planet).
So you people need to stop looking at India as a foe and more like a friend, after all if the Bangladeshi Govt, is on good terms with India, Bangladesh will gain through inward investment and good bi-lateral trade.
I'll admit India can sometimes be a bully in the region, but if anyone studies Geo-politics they will know that in every region the larger, wealthier and more powerful states like to flex there muscles, its just something smaller countries like Bangladesh can just accept and use to their advantage.
(Look at the US & Israel Partnership).

Finally Bangladeshis as a people need to look at the huge levels of atrocities that are being meted out to the minoriies, i'll give a small example, only a few years ago, almost every educated person from a minority that i spoke to, was looking on ways of leaving Bangladesh and permenantly settling abroad. None of these wanted to settle abroad due to economic reasons. they all had one comment, 'we minorities have no voice or future in Bangladesh,an there is nothing left here for our future generations). All of the people i spoke to were educated and monied but they were totally apathetic about any improvement in the status of minorities.

So before pointing the finger elsewhere , we in Bangladesh have a lot to deal with and sort out ourselves!

Just as a footnote, there is alot we in Bangladesh can learn about running a country from India. India is huge, diverse,multilingual, multi ethnic and a democracy. They have there problems, but they have never had military coup's nor any dictatorships, it is also an extremely free country, i can say this because i've lived in both India and Bangladesh.

Also we would never ever be a match for the indian armed forces, so there is no need for us to worry about an invasion nor use the same low level rhetoric that politicians both here and in India have made.


7:05 AM  
Anonymous Anirban said...

To All Anti-Indian Bangladeshi:
Bangladeshi, you need treatment for your jaundiced mentality. Why should India try to make Bangladesh weak or why should India capture your country? No way…. Simply Indian do not want you people, you are a burden of any civil society. Had Bangladesh been economically and otherwise stronger, India could have got extended market. Developed Bangladesh implies greater benefit to India. Is not Bangladesh already too weak to compare with Indian economic strength, military might, intellectual ability, standard of research, advancement in political system, cultural expression, social aptitude in accepting diversity, performance in sport? Tell me any field in which you can compare with India. In no way Bangladeshi can match with Indian. You people also know the facts and figure. So it is better do not open your mouth.
Could you mention any area where India feels threatened for Bangladesh's advancement? Could you give an example, which proves that India plans to make Bangladesh weak? On the contrary, India can give many such examples where Bangladesh is a party to the conspiracy against India. 10 trucks arms is one such recent example. Khaleda Zia openly declares rebels of North East India as freedom fighter. Many important Bangladesh leaders speak about India in every meeting. Indian leaders hardly refer the name of Bangladesh; it’s only a pain and sounds much. It is unfortunate that Bangladeshi attitude has been developed by the influence of anti Indian people and some ignorant and malicious leaders. Go to anywhere in the world, you will find illegal Bangladeshi, please stop this and also stop your present trade of exporting terrorism in the name of religion. You people are treated all over the world as beggars and frauds. Around the world people do not need you. You people are from the failed country and big burden in this world. I think you are much aware of the situation. How can you compare with India?????? Surprising!!!!
Please keep your internal problem among yourself, you will rewind automatically, do not try involve India, you people simply means nothing to Indian. Frankly speaking in India most of the households got servants or labor from your illegal immigrants. All over the world everybody considers you as Mirzafar.
Indian leaders- regional not national- need to refer Bangladesh only with reference to smuggling and all illegal activities. Everybody knows that it is a menace. Even one army officer of Bangladesh said that one of the causes of BDR mutiny could have been the attempt of army to minimize border smuggling. Who smuggles Phencydil from India? You should know that P'cydil is not a banned drug -openly available in any drug store in India. Anybody can get it if he wants. Why it creates problem in Bangladesh we don’t understand.
India always wants to extend his helping hands in spite of ungratefulness of Bangladesh. We gave you Tinbigha corridor against the interest of local people. Do you know that two volunteers of anti-corridor movement died in police firing? In spite of that Govt. allowed corridor to Bangladesh. India allowed export-tariff free 80 lakh piece of garments. Now Bangladesh demands that not only the export-tariff but also the VAT should not be imposed. How funny? VAT is domestic duty and under state jurisdiction.
Thus VAT varies state to state and central government cannot issue directive without proper compensation to that state to waive VAT. And why should VAT to be waived? Bangladesh opposed Asian Highway plan and Cyber Highway. India offered Cyber highway free of cost to Bangladesh. All other country finalized Asian highway scheme bypassing Bangladesh. Do you think that this decision of Khaleda Govt. benefited Bangladesh? This is because of anti-India jaundiced mentality.
Shame on you, your former Finance Minister Mr. Rahaman declared in India that, “my country is for sale, please buy it” You should be ashamed even Indian knows that you are anti Indians still Government of India helps you, why other country does not extends their hand for help. Why you have a fragile relation with other countries, they already understand Bangladeshi attitude and malicious intentions.
You have mental blocked on RAW, and always been blamed even some Bangladeshi having a stomach upset, do you know what is RAW??? If they want to screw, you will remember the pain throughout your existence. It is one of best, powerful and efficient agency in the world. They are least bothered about Bangladesh.
Report says that there were more than 90000 Bangladeshi girls been raped by the Pakistani army, and it is also found that the people who deliver anti Indian activities and propaganda in Bangladesh were born in 1971-72. We can understand why these elements are so loyal to Pakistani interest.
Most Bangladeshis are helping proxy war of Pakistan against India. Pakistan is doing this simply as a revenge of 1971. Unfortunate part is that Bangladeshis does not realize that. Indian people volunteered lot of hardship during that period. Few thousands soldiers lost their lives. What solace to the relative of those soldiers has been given their life for Bangladeshis? There exists not a single memorial for them in Bangladesh. Nobody in Bangladesh even mention their sacrifice. Why should India do anything for this ungrateful nation- for which benefit? It is surprising that how a Bangladeshi supports Pakistan, we all know that Bangladeshi are also involved into export of terrorism, you people really lives in a fool’s paradise.
Unprecedented BDR mutiny at its Pilkhana headquarters on February 25. The international agencies suspect the whole episode was part of a Pakistani plot — helped by Bangladeshi collaborators — to fuel revolt in the armed forces for upstaging the Sheikh government. Just nine days before armed BDR jawans went on the rampage, ruthlessly killing their superiors from the army, Pakistan president Asif Ali Zardari had sent one of his emissaries — Zia Ispahani — to Dhaka to request Hasina not to open war criminal cases and assassination of Sk. Mujibur Rahaman. This, expectedly, did not find much favour with the Bangladesh prime minister.
Ispahani apparently made it clear that any attempt to reopen the cases would adversely affect the relations between the two countries. He called on Begum Khaleda Zia a day after his meeting with Hasina. It is learnt that Ispahani and a senior officer of the Pakistani mission in Dhaka had advised the BNP supremo to stay away from her cantonment residence on February 25 and 26, which she did.
Coincidentally, Khaleda's electoral partners — Jamaat-e-Islami leader Matiur Rahman Nizami and Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mujahid — were also out of their homes on both days. Investigations by top agencies reveal that some ISI operatives posted at Pakistan's Dhaka high commission had met a few senior BNP and Jamaat leaders on February 22, just three days before the BDR mutiny.
Investigating agencies are also probing the role of BNP leader Saka Chowdhury, who allegedly played a key role in abetting the mutineers by providing funds to the tune of several crores of taka. Everybody knows the role of Chowdhury for his alleged involvement in the smuggling of 10 truckloads of arms into Bangladesh through Chittagong in 2004 which were meant for the rebels in northeastern India.
You need to understand that without Indian help you are nowhere in the world and it was not created at all. I think Bangladeshis liked the way Pakistan had raped and screwed them. Pakistanis know that you people understand this language only.
India is not dependent on Bangladesh in any way. Bangladesh’s dependency on India is at critical level. India can save cost if transit is granted. But it is not like that India cannot survive without Bangladesh’s cooperation. Anti-India feeling of a section of Bangladeshis is a pathological problem, please continue that if you feel happy, but remember Indians are least bothered.
India is going to be economically super power in near future is accepted by the whole world. Only Reliance Industry annual turnover is much bigger than your entire national revenue. Try to do better for your own instead of begging for Aids. It is up to you whether you want progress along with Indian development or to comply with the order like a servant of Pakistan and remain poorest and failed country of the world. At the end of the day there may not be enough money for you to buy your holy book.
May Allah bless you to be intelligent………

5:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The powerful and influential Naik family
”Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik, MP Dr. Sanjeev Naik and NMMC Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik arriving at the same venue made for a powerful picture. Because this is for the first time after MP Dr. Sanjeev Naik won the parliamentary elections that the trio came together on the same dais. The love affair of Navi Mumbai with the Naik family started off with Ganesh Naik and has passed on to his sons so much so that today Ganesh Naik holds two significant portfolios of Environment and Excise in the state, his elder son MP Dr. Sanjeev Naik is the spokesperson of NCP in the parliament and his younger son Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik holds the keys to NMMC treasury. Ask Ganesh Naik what he has to say on the powerful tri that they represent and this is what he has to say.
Indeed with the Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik, MP Dr. Sanjeev Naik and NMMC Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik brought to life the impact of the three most powerful and influential men of the first family of Navi Mumbai.

11:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ganesh Naik too was confident of the support that they will receive from the masses in the elections
Ganesh Naik along with Sandeep Naik met the residents and understood the grievances of the people. NCP Belapur candidate Ganesh Naik said that no matter the creed and the caste of an individual, everyone had a right to live and live with all the basic amenities needed to have a content life. He said that they had always aimed at providing this very need to the people be it of water supply, housing or electricity.
Ganesh Naik also kept the issue of education as one of his main agenda. Speaking on his son’s victory in the parliamentary, Ganesh Naik said that he was confident that the support he received would also be given to his son Sandeep Naik. NCP Airoli candidate Sandeep Naik also assured that while under the leadership of his father many development work .

11:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ganesh Bhagat joined in the presence of NCP leader Ganesh Naik
Nerul resident Ganesh Bhagat, first cousin of Namdeo Bhagat has charged the former Navi Mumbai unit chief of Congress with keeping all high profile posts within the family.
" Ganesh Bhagat is accusing others of dynastic politics, but he is doing the same. He is keeping all designations with himself or giving it to his close ones. Both, he and his wife are corporators while he was also Navi Mumbai Congress chief, is a CIDCO director and member of NMMC Standing Committee. If he speaks of having a big heart, then why is he keeping all the posts with himself? Similarly, he has appointed his own brother Rajendra as deputy chief of Navi Mumbai Youth Congress," stated Ganesh Bhagat, who joined NCP in the presence of NCP leader Ganesh Naik on Monday.

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Ganesh Naik Plans To Make Navi Mumbai Free From Load Shedding With A Proposed Power Plant
While Navi Mumbai qualifies as good customers in MSEDC’s list, the city is still on the power company’s list of harsh load shedding hours. And this has been one of the most aggravating problems for the city. Its to address this grievance of Navi Mumbai that Congress-NCP Belapur candidate Ganesh Naik has plans of a proposed power plant that will make Navi Mumbai a power cut and load shedding free city.
Once upon a time Maharashtra had a pride of place with surplus power generation. The abundance in power in the state had become something of a folklore as people migrating from other states would never miss a chance to remark on it. However with time the yawning gap between demand and supply and slow increase in new generation capacity, the state has been hit hard and short on power. And like other cities in central suburbs, power cuts and load shedding accounts for one of the major problems that Navi Mumbai has been facing for the last couple of years. Power cuts and load shedding in Navi Mumbai has hit the industries in the Thane Belapur Industrial Belt really hard and has also slowed down IT growth in Navi Mumbai. Not to forget how the irregular power cuts and load shedding also resulted in disrupting domestic live of Navi MumbaikarsIt is to bring a permanent solution to this problem, that Congress-NCP Belapur candidate Ganesh Naik has planned a unique proposal to construct a power plant that will make Navi Mumbai a power cut and load shedding free city.

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11th Saraswati Samaroh 2009 held in Navi Mumbai
The Gujrati community has contributed a lot in the development of Navi Mumbai. The community brought together all the members under one roof under the event Saraswati Sammelan 2009. The event was held at Gujrat Samaj in Vashi. Present as the chief guest was Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik, MP Sanjeev Naik and NMMC Standing committee chairman Sandeep Naik. Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik lit the traditional lamp to seek the blessings of the lord. Speaking to the media, he appreciated the contribution made by Gujrathi community in the development of the city. During the programme, meritorious students were also felicitated with bronze, silver and gold medals. The members of the community felicitated MP Dr Sanjeev Naik with a souvenir. Dr Sanjeev Naik expressed his gratitude towards this honour.

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Ganesh Naik duo clean sweep in Navi Mumbai
IT WAS a clean sweep for the Nationalist Congress Party in Navi Mumbai with the father-son duo of Ganesh Naik and Sandeep Naik emerging victorious in Belapur and Airoli, the two Assembly constituencies in the satellite city.
While it was a smooth ride for three-term MLA and state excise, labour and environment minister Ganesh Naik against BJP's Suresh Haware, son Sandeep Naik faced nervous moments as Shiv Sena's Vijay Chougule steadily garnered more votes in the initial phase of the counting. Despite having lost to Sandeep's brother Sanjeev Naik in the Thane constituency in the recent Lok Sabha elections by over 40,000 votes, the Shiv Sena-BJP alliance had again fielded Airoli corporator Chougule to challenge the Naik supremacy.

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Sandeep Naik duo clean sweep in Navi Mumbai
In what seemed like a neck-to-neck fight in the first 15 rounds of counting, the battle tilted heavily in favour of NMMC standing committee chairman Sandeep Naik. In the remaining eight rounds towards the end, Chougule suffered serious setbacks in Bonkode, Kopar Khairne and large parts of Vashi.
Chougule, at one point, saw a lead of 2200 votes against Naik when votes from Airoli were being counted. In the end, however, out of the total of 1, 57,751 valid votes cast in the constituency, Naik got a lead of 11,957 votes. Naik got 79,075 votes while Chougule managed 67,118.
When asked the reason for not securing a good number of votes from Airoli, Sandeep said, "All party workers have worked equally hard in all places. It is just natural that some people have a stronghold in certain areas. But since a majority of voters have shown trust in me, I will try to win over the rest of them too," Sandeep said.

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