Thursday, July 27, 2006

Another Tragic day

The British Board of Jewish Deputies give full backing to Israel. These are the same people who always bang on about the Holocaust. Never again will I watch a Holocaust documentary, play, movie or TV special produced by Zionists Jews who clearly have no regard for the life of anyone that isn’t Jewish! You people demand sympathy, yet commit genocide? Shame on you and shame on those politicians who are too gutless to stand up to you.
Samantha, Ealing

If Israelis want their own state, let them have one of those big, empty, rectangular ones in America's midwest.Most of them seem to speak with an American accent and they can enjoy each other's company and save the rest of the world from their arrogant, superior attitude.Let's see how the American Government and people take to Israeli land theft when its American land that is being stolen.
Paul Burns, Liverpool

The UN post had been shelled before, and then shelled again until the targets were eliminated, then shelled again when the rescue teams arrived. Obviously, all accidental, and if it wasnt accidental, it was in self-defence. After all, the UN has been "attacking" Israel with all this nonsense about illegal occupation, illegal settlements, illegal wall, use of illegal weapons on civilians, illegal use of civilians as hunman shields. The UN should know that Israel is divine and above man-made laws.
God gave it to me, UK

I have been watching and observing this middle east crisis since it has begun. Lot of meetings,interviews have taken place but of no avail. What I want to say that hezbullah is a political party based on relegious fundamentalism in lebonan as of what a RSS or Shiv sena party in India. You can't disarm such parties by force but by politically in banning such orgzn. The Vow to disarm Hezbollah is rediculius by militiary action rather it will make it roots more deeper in hearts of lebonaese
Jimmy, kuwait

Of course we should condem Hizbollah's attacks on israeli civilians, but Israel's response has been murderous and history tells us that it will achieve nothing positive, just another turn in the cycle of violence. Any US or UK politician who condemns Iran or Syria for sponsoring Hizbollah is a hypocrite while we supply WMDs to Israel. The only solution is the setting up of a Palestinian state. Clinton tried & failed, but Bush & Blair should hang their heads in shame for their years of not trying
Mark Billingham, High Wycombe, UK

So, the US spokesman on the BBC Today programme announced this morning that the US was going to be supplying humanitarian aid to Lebanon but did not mention that, at the same time, US aircraft carrying 5,000lb ‘bunker buster’ bombs for Israel have landed to refuel at Prestwick in the UK; the US and UK ‘leaderships’ brazenly treat everyone with total arrogance and hypocrisy – and people are unnecessarily dead and dying as a result.

[Brendan59], London, United Kingdom

Isn't it ironic that the Isareli Governement want the Hezbollah to adhere to a UN resolution, but the two UN resolutions against Israel demading their withdrawal from occupied territories and a return to original borders has been ignored by Isareal (and of course their benefactor the USA) for more than 30 years. Perhaps the region would not be in this mess had Israel been forced to adhere to those resolutions. It can not always be one way! Stop Israeli State Terrorism!
Enrico, Amsterdam

So, all the suffering of innocent men, women and children of Lebanon is justified because "TWO" soldiers of Isreal were captured by Hezollah? Well, USA and Israel are currently forcing the world to believe that it is justified. A simple question arises here. What about the daily kidnapping of Palestinians and holding them as prisoners without a trial, in the Israeli jails? What about using Palestinian kids as human shields during the so-called combing operations?
Ravi, Bangalore, India

All those that claim Israel's destruction and invasion of Lebanon was justified by the capture of 2 and the killing of 8 of its soldiers should logically now also call for an internationnal invasion and destruction of Israel, since these barbarians have deliberately killed 4 internationnal UN soldiers. As a side note I find it really funny when Annan asks Israel to conduct an "investigation" on the "incident". I would have loved to hear him ask Hezbollah the same after their military operation.
Simon Nigg

Israel is Demolishing Lebanon to get rid of Hezbollah.Well it was Israel in the first place that created and strengthened this movement by occupying Lebanon for twenty years.Hezbollah was going to be systematically disarmed by the Lebanese, if not for the constant Israeli threats of annihilating Lebanon.
faysal haroun, beirut, Lebanon

What a pity Dr.Rice did not have time to visit at least one Lebanese hospital.
Alan Palmer-Rodway, Chipping Norton

I find America hypocritical beyond belief to proudly state how they are working towards solving this problem and providing aid to the Lebanese people whilst at the same time providing more weapons and military hardware to Israel. How can they pretend they are not backing this Israeli attack on mainly innocent civilians? The kidnapping of Israeli soldiers and the unjustified rocket attacks on Israel are wrong but this response blurs the boundary between aggressor and defender past distinction.
Bob Bishop, Aberdeen

I think that the world has had enough Israeli terrorism. So far, nearly 400 civilians have been brutally murdered by the Israeli "Defence" (!) Force. I find the people who still refuse to condemn Israel to be dishonest and morally corrupt. How can you watch this barbarism and not condemn it?
Deniz, Istanbul

Double standards? The US and British diplomats delay talks so Israel can finish what they started and more innocent people die as a result. Remember this started because 2 israeli soldiers were kidnapped, and that justifies bombing a whole country and killing 100's. To put it into context, that would be like the Brits raiding the whole of Ireland when the IRA shot one of our soldiers. I get the feeling the US are only friends with Israel and Saudi Arabia because they have a large enough military
Stuart, Florence

"Eliminate the terrorosts" - oh yes, very Rambo. The slight drawback to your swaggering demands is the fundamental problem. They aren't a top-down organisation. Kill any of them, and more will rise. Keep killing, and more will keep arising. This policy has failed continually thorughout my lifetime. The US in Vietnam, French in Algeria, USSR in Afghanistan, US in Afghanistan, US/UK in Iraq. Just get off your horses, holster your guns, and think. For a change.
Steve, UK

Source: BBC


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