Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Fathers for Justice

I was away for a week in San Diego , California and it seems the world turned upside down when I came back. Things have turned out OK now and I have got some time to update my blog. It seems I have been to Mexico and not USA. There were so many Mexicans all around the place that you have to wonder where you are. The Mexican border is just 30 minutes from San Diego and therefore, as one would expect, the whole place is flooded by Mexicans. I have hardly spotted any Asian both in San Diego and in Los Angeles. Ah ! let me tell you , if there is one shittiest place on earth you can possibly find, it has to be Los Angeles. People pissing, begging, shops on streets, pinching people for money - can't really describe. It's dead scary. But hold your breath for 10 minutes and if you can reach the Beverly Hills , you have perhaps landed in the earthly heaven. What a contrast !

This guy in San Diego told me that he is going to drive to DC to protest the court's ruling. The court has taken his daughter from him. He thinks he will be famous and so will I be( cause I am taking his pictures ). LOL. He reminded me of the infamous 'fathers for justice' in UK. What about a 'fathers for justice' chapter in BD ?


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Blogger pebbles said...

if only such 'fathers of justice' knew how to spell...

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