Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Bangladesh clinches a thriller !

46.6 Maharoof to Khaled Mashud, one run, Bangladesh win, wonderful win, big celebrations, pushed to short thirdman with an open face of the bat, single taken.

My hand , feet everything turned cold while I was following the game between Bangladesh and Srilanka in Bogra - the 2nd ODI. Slowly but steadily Bangladesh moved towards a remarkable victory. I didn't have the nerve to follow ball by ball so I was keeping my eyes wide shut off and on. Finally I was set free by Khaled Mashud Pilot pushing for a single and clinching a historic victory.

Me here in UK and my cousing in Saudia Arabia were both following the game. Ah ! What a day ! Wait a minute ! It must be me. I got it ! Bangladesh needs 'me' factor. I live in Cardiff so they won in Cardiff and now they have also won in my hometown Bogra. It must be me ! It must be me !!

Just for your info the official Bangladesh cricket control board website - tiger cricket has a superb animated live coverage. This is amazing. I was surprised to see the technology implemented by a government organisation ! It shows the top view of the stadium with all the fielders, bowlers and batsmen. It's a ball by ball animation. From now on I am giving up cricinfo and going for tiger cricket - Bangladesh rulez !


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