Sunday, January 15, 2006

Morals of the young saved again !

It seems once again the authorities in Bangladesh got worried over the 'morals of the young' ! Few days ago it was djuice, an offshoot from Grameen phone, was held under fire for demoralising the young by advertising their mobile deals in a rather casual language - their offence seems to be that they used the popular words or phrases young guys and girls use in Dhaka and in the rest of Bangladesh. Their advertisements were banned for the sake of saving the young of the country. When the young generation (even the small kids) are all dipped in vulgar Indian culture all day and night , it hardly makes sense how few innocent funny ads can destroy the morals of young. Personally I thought those ads were great and censorship can only hinder the creativity that reflects the culture. The ads were not suggesting any new trend but rather showing the 'attitude' that the present generation are very much used to.

The new news is that the government has asked the mobile operators to stop offering free night calls in order to save the 'morals of the young' ( again !!) .

Bangladeshi authorities have ordered mobile phone operators to stop offering free calls after midnight, to protect the morals of young people.

A telecommunications regulator said it had received scores of complaints from parents that children were using the service to form romantic attachments.

They said children were losing sleep and some indulged in "vulgar talk".

In a letter sent to all five of Bangladesh's networks, the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission said the "free calls after midnight" offers were being abused by the young.

The phone companies say they are surprised by the order, which the regulator says must be obeyed immediately.

One spokesman has been quoted as saying that if the authorities wish to stop young people meeting each other, by the same logic, fast food restaurants and universities should be shut down, too. [BBC]

If moral policing seeks a morally strong society, then I ask the government to close all the disgustingly vulgar Indian channels first then close fast food restaurants and other public places, check on Internet chatting and web surfing.

Do we need a police society like Saudia Arabia and the West ? I hope the government can feel the pulse of the Bangladeshi young society; if not then the law makers must be too old for the young generation. I hope we all grow young and not old. Bless the morals of the young


Blogger MysticSaint said...

Thanks for the beautiful thought and well post.

when will we rise as a nation? when our morals will be right?

3:16 AM  
Blogger AT said...

"Do we need a police society like Saudia Arabia and the West ?"

Don't make up craps about the west that you don't UNDERSTAND. I have never lived in Saudi Arabia and so I can't make a comment if Saudi Arabia is really a police state or not. In a similar manner, you cannot call the west a police state. Look at Dhaka, you have RAB running all over the places and you are calling the west a police state! Come on! Our crime rate is 100 times better than the crime rates of the third-world countries, then why would we have a police state?

5:20 PM  
Blogger Razib Rashedin said...

I have been living in the West for quite a long time now and when I say the West- the term 'West' refers to the developed countries of the West aka US, UK, Germany etc. and not developing countries of the West like Canada, Poland, Greece or many others.

Now let me tell you what a police state is since you seem to be quite short on knowledge on the subject. A police state is where individual lives are monitored and controlled by the authority. What could be more better example of policing than the 'West' ?

1. In UK you have to get permission from the Home office if you want to get married to someone from here.

2. In UK police can put you in Jail without any warrant for 28 days.

3. In UK poilice can deport you anytime if they think you are a danger to the country.

4. Almost every moment of an individual is monitored by CCTVs all around the country.

5. From January 2006 every car leaving a house will be monitored.

6. From the brand of your breakfast cereal to your dinner time almost each and every details of your public and private life is known to the 'authorities' ! Thanks to CCTVs and credit cards.

7. There's a tremendous social pressure in the West on an individual to dress and act in a certain way if he/she wants to be successful.

8. Racism is widespread and there are millions to give witness for it. So your rights are not dealt with and obviously limited by the authorities.

9. Your religious rights are curbed as well. In the West, only Christmas is observed natioanlly and rest of the religious festivals are d-e-l-e-t-e-d from the media.

You are saying , your crime rate is 100 times better than the third world countries. Are you sure about that ? or was it just a knee-jerking response ?

I didn;t need to think too much to respond to you. Help was at hand. BBC published a report on the escalating gun violence in toronto (the place u r writing from). A 14 yr girl died in the crossfire. The situation, the report says, in the rest of Canada is even worse. Gangs are fighting with wach other all the time with heavy guns in their hand. That's what I call low crime rates !

And who doesn't know about the regular high school shootings in USA. Oh ! yeah and what about a rape in every 8 seconds ? Few days ago a Bangladeshi woman died in a crossfire in USA.

When the West is involved in state terrorisms all over the world it sounds really funny when you talk about crime rates ! No crime rate statistics can cover the crime has committed all over the world.

I could have written another hundred pages but what's the point talking to a person like you. Stop talking CRAP and read and learn.

you need to go a long way , boy !

10:32 AM  
Blogger Salam Dhaka said...

This is happening because the BTRC chairman is Jamaati Omar Farooq. There is nothing else to it.

3:12 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

As a foreign woman living in Bangladesh, I needed to report where I lived to the local police and the reason why I was in Bangladesh. I had to dress in sari or shalwar kameez (with orna properly covering my breasts, since two or three layers of clothing weren't enough to begin with) - no choice there, if I didn't want to be considered a whore. My neighbor ladies telling me to wear burqua or to cover my head, even though it is not my belief to do so (I did out of respect when it came time to pray at milads of the decease). Being told to convert on a regular basis - even though there were no women mosques to go to or reason to convert other than 'Islam is good and Christanity is not' (if you are going to persuade someone, you need more details or at least a better reason why). Being questioned by practically every living soul about living in America and when I said that the upper class people in Bangladesh had a better existence than my middle class upbringing, being called a liar. You point out the rapes in the US or Canada - yes, there are too many and it needs to stop. However, please read the Daily Star (not the on-line version) and you will notice that not a week goes by that a woman is gang-raped and murdered. These are the woman who are found and reported. Think of all the unreported rape cases or incestous cases that are never even mentioned within the home. Or if a little girl is stolen off the street in front of her house and raped, even though it is not her fault, odds are that she will never marry since she is 'damaged goods'. This goes double for older girls. How many rape victims have committed suicide so that they will not be a burden to their family?

With this said, every society has its problems and strong points. One is not better than the others, but chose to move to another society, you must play by the rules or try to change the rules within the established routes. Then there are the compromises that everyone has to make. I compromised by what I wore and how I interacted with men. Women don't have to wear a burqua if they don't wish to. Many devout Muslim women don't or they wear things to blend in better with their surroundings, like long sleeve loose blouses and pants with a matching headscarf. This is the compromise. It is a simple compromise that won't compromise the women who feel they must cover in this way. (KEY IDEA: women choose to wear modest clothing and it is not forced upon them by a male member of her family.)

As for RAB - how many people where caught in the 'crossfire' last year? When the local newspapers and people are making jokes about 'crossfires', you know its bad.

9:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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I completely agree with everything you have printed here.

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Bangladeshi authorities have ordered mobile phone operators to stop offering free calls after midnight, to protect the morals of young people.

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