Thursday, December 22, 2005

Bangladesh on Goldman Sachs 'Next Eleven' list

Goldman Sachs, a US-based investment banking and securities firm, in a report on world's potential economies has placed Bangladesh on its "Next Eleven" list as a key member.

The report said, "Bangladesh, the world's tiny economy with most corrupt brand, will power the global economy something of the magnitude of the BRICs economies."

The "Next Eleven" is the second term the Goldman Sachs has coined to describe economies with high growth potential, such as the "BRICs" economies encompassing Brazil, Russia, India and China.

Comparing the 22 economies of the G7, BRICs and Next Eleven, the report said Bangladesh will grow faster than predicted earlier. The main reason for the change in projection is the faster growth seen in 2000-05.

Full Report


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi razib,
your posts are interesting. Though we don't agree on some issues, you make a reasonably objective analysis.Below is the link to a 4 part series of articles on rediff

Read them at your convenience and tell us what you think about those views.

7:47 PM  
Anonymous said...

Good evening Razib Shaheb of Wales Cymru,

Interesting post. Hmmm. With almost everything going against Bangladesh lately, this is like a whiff of fresh air.

As a recent returnee from your part of the world (London to be exact) after a long sojurn back to this poor old lovely land of mine, it is hard to grasp this prediction though.

And I should know as a more or less high-up civil servant . . . don't ask me to elaborate on that please (Conduct Rules, etc. etc.)

But as they say, we may be down but not out yet, hey?! And just as an audible muttering to myself, let me add, governments may come and governments may come, but the people will survive . . . so will their will and determination to do great things. Despite extremism at both end of the pendulam . . . and wretched idealists like me are still standing by to do anything to make this country a success.

We (the people) shall overcome (no matter how badly the country is and was being governed (by both the pros and antis).

Apnara shabai bhalo thakben.

6:50 PM  
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Bangladesh a key member? no way I can't believe it! it's a very insecure place.

5:56 PM  
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