Thursday, February 16, 2006

James hits the show big time

James has certainly got it going in the new Bollywood movie 'Gangster'. The Bangladeshi rockstar (famously known as 'Guru' in Bangladesh) was given the deal of singing in a Mahesh Bhatt movie few months ago and he apparently have managed to pull a hit from his first Hindi song. Quite frankly, he sang it pretty well, more than I expected. His voice was geared and charged up like a true rock star. Only trouble is it feels like he tuned the the song himself cause it sounds like many of his hit Bangla songs or may be the music director has suited the song for his voice. Whatever the case, you will soon be hearing 'Guru' screaming in trailers and songs all over the Indian channels.

"The soulful track that runs in the background “Naa Jaane Koi… Hamari Adhuri Kahani” is simply mesmerizing. When it comes to music, the Bhatts never go wrong."

The film trailer uses Guru's song and if any of you want to have look at it or just want to hear the song by James go to this LINK and download the trailer file.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Truely its a mesmerzing song but James has straightaway lifted it from a very well known Bengali no from Mahiner Ghoraguli called
'Prithibita naki chhoto hate hate'. Well I dont know when the song was composed but going by rest of Mahiner Ghoraguli this seems to have been composed way back in 70s. Audience of 70's Kolkata was not matured enough to accept music of this genre but Mahiner ghoraguli had rightly curved a niche for themselves only to be emulated much later by the likes of Suman etc. Guitaring is definitely better in James rendition of this no but a plagiarised version is a plagiarised version no matter how soulfully he or she plays it.


Saurav Choudhury
New Delhi

4:46 AM  
Anonymous Yasser Khan said...

The song by James totally rocks, yaar. I love it. I want to know more about this band.
I am definately now going to watch the movie.

10:43 PM  
Blogger sanmeet said...

Gautam Chattopadhya of Mohiner Ghoraguli should get much of the credit for this song. The true "Guru" of bangla music has proved how much ahead he was in time when he composed this song in 70's. Finally, its got popular 2005. I just wished that there was some credit given to the mastermind somewhere. 95% people will never come to know the brilliance of Mohiner Ghoraguli.

7:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like his own bengali songs much better, more powerful, there is no comparison. He did sing well those songs though, even though its not his language, I heard Mahesh bhatt bought copyright of that song from one calcutta band and made him sing. He is awesome. I found some of his bengali songs in youtube, but video quality is not that great and nothing has closer view,few concerts in Dhaka stadium.If anyone has any idea, from where to get his great songs, please post. Specially " Maa", "Allaho Akbar","Tobe bondhu nouka bhearo", "Ai chokhe takiona, lutpat hoye jabe", "Kokhono kono pother majhe dekha hoye jai jodi" and other similar songs. Guru is great.

4:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A genioys singer of Bangladesh ... you can't find This kind of voice Or singer in the whole world of the world .. song like `baba, maa ,Lais fita lais , Fil nebe na osru nebe bondu and many more .......

6:18 PM  
Anonymous viagra online said...

I just love his music, he's the best in this category.James has been raising my knowledge about this genre with each song. 23jj

9:51 PM  
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james is realy guru...I love his music....vigi vigi song of indian young....

3:02 PM  
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