Friday, April 21, 2006

Khela Ghor : Doll House

Khela Ghor

Direction: Morshedul Islam ; Cast: Riaz, Shohana Saba etc.

My Rating: 7/10

This is the best Bangla movie I have seen so far in recent days. The movie was released this new year's day on the 14th of April. Thanks to our Bangladeshi brothers all over the world, who gave me the chance to watch this movie straightway !

I have read the story a long time back..probably a good ten years or more. The movie is based on the story by Mahmudul Haque and directed by Morshedul Islam. The story sets in the backdrop of the liberation war in 1971. But it's not about the war but it's more to do with the grown intimacy between two young souls brought together by the calamity. As one pointed out , 'it's a sweet romantic movie..'. But it's also not just romantic ; it's the narration of the whole story using camera that amazed me. The direction could have been much better...but a BIG BIG thanks for making this movie in good quality print. No matter how good a movie is, if it's not released in a good quality print, nobody is gonna watch it - in this age ! So that itself is a good starting point for the movie. The beginning was a bit too detail and it carries on - a technique the 'art' film makers use in Bangladesh and West Bengal. Personally I don't like too detailed slow camera work - brilliant movies can be made with faster camera work , these people should get that in their head. Anyway, the main casts do a brilliant job but the role of the girl played by new comer Sohana Saba was brilliant ! She outperforms everybody in the movie. Her character , the screen play and the direction at last half are all smooth as running water. Coolest bit is when Riaz kissed Saba - both shocking and sweet for Bangladeshi movie lovers. The potrayal of their intimacy, the rain and the amazing landscape all can take anybody's breath away. I can proudly refer this movie to an international audience. The only downside is the use of song in this movie. The plot was begging for songs but the director just refused it. The only song used is a tagore song sung the lead female cast without any instrument - very blunt ! This looked very artificial in all sense.

Overall, a very good work by the director and the whole team. This is the best movie that came out since TV companies started sponsoring movies. Brilliant stuff ! I wish I could watch this movie in big screen. Hope you watch it too !


Anonymous Serial Killer said...

yes...this girl looks pretty much beautiful...and in some aspects.. sexy.

Good Job man ... keep it up. I did not watch that movie , but I guess its one of those out-of-track awesome bd movies.

3:31 PM  
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