Thursday, June 22, 2006

Massacre Continues in Palestine

Another day and another terrorist attack by the Israelis killed two Palestinians, a woman and a man in the Gaza Strip. Seven others, including a number of children, were wounded in the blast which hit a house in Khan Younis.

Israel has killed at least 11 Palestinian civilians in air strikes in recent days, many of them children.

Earlier on Tuesday, Israeli missile strike on a car killed three children.

On 13 June, eight civilians were killed in a similar attack.

Israeli terrorism continues and the world, surprisingly, remains silent.

India, till today, remains the closest ally to Israel from Asia.

Israel has emerged as India's second largest supplier of military equipment (after Russia), with sales of nearly Rs 120 billion over the last three years. (This amounts to about $900 million per year, as compared to $1.5 billion per year from Russia.) The range of India's purchases is considerable. The most important agreement is India's $1.1 billion purchase of Phalcon early warning radar and communications systems, Israel's largest arms sale. Other important deals include unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force; sea-to-sea missiles; border monitoring equipment; night vision devices; artillery; artillery radars; fast attack naval craft; an electronic warfare system for the INS Virat; and ammunition. India's shopping list is much longer, and includes missile defence systems.

The two countries are also planning to collaborate on the design and manufacture of certain weapons; and Israel will participate in India's planned mission to the moon ('Chandrayaan I'), with funds and perhaps a second, Israeli, satellite.

Growing Indo-Israeli military cooperation is evidenced by the repeated exchange visits of senior military officials. since the UPA government assumed office in May 2004, the vice-chief of the Army, the chief of the Navy, and the chief of the Air Force have visited Israel, and the chief of the Israeli Army has visited India. One aspect of this cooperation is training. Israel is training upto 3,000 Indian commandos in urban warfare and counter-insurgency operations, and India's Cabinet Committee on Security has decided to solicit Israeli training for four new Special Forces counter-insurgency battalions for Kashmir.2 India's Border Security Force has proposed specialised training for its officers in Israel, since the latter has "a long history of guarding its borders along the Palestinian territories effectively."3 Israel, on the other hand, wants to use the facilities of India's Jungle Warfare and Counter-Insurgency School in Mizoram to train its forces.

Beyond this, however, is a strategic element. Israel wants a sea-borne force armed with nuclear weapons. Martin Sherman, a senior Israeli analyst, writes that the Mediterranean is not the ideal location for such a force, as a number of littoral states are unfriendly to Israel. In this regard, the Indian Ocean, as location... facilitating the deployment and maintenance of this capability could well assume vital importance.... Of course, for the establishment and operation of such a maritime venture, cooperation with the Indian navy would be vital. In this regard, it is especially significant that in 2000, Israeli submarines reportedly conducted test launches of cruise missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads in the waters of the Indian Ocean off the Sri Lanka coast.

The two countries' intelligence services have established close relations. The Israeli intelligence services have been allowed, like the FBI, to open an office in Delhi. A joint commission has been set up at the ministerial level for cooperation in 'combating terrorism'. There are reports that Israel's secret service, Mossad, will train Indian intelligence personnel.

The political relationship between the two countries was most explicitly stated by India's National Security Advisor, Brajesh Mishra, in his May 8, 2003 address to the American Jewish Committee:

India, the United States, and Israel have some fundamental similarities. We are all democracies, sharing a common vision of pluralism, tolerance and equal opportunity.... The US, India and Israel have all been prime targets of terrorism. They have to jointly face the same ugly face of modern day terrorism.... As the main targets of international terrorism, democratic countries should form a viable alliance against terrorism...

Thus in the 2001 Durban conference on racism, India blocked attempts by Arab countries to include a sharp censure of Israel's anti-Arab policies in the conference's final resolution. Shimon Peres, then Israeli foreign minister, warmly praised India's action, which helped "tipping the scales on the side of justice". When, in September 2003, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon visited India, the Indian side made no mention of the Palestinian question. And when Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas visited India in May 2005, the Indian government hosted him in a deliberately low-key fashion, calling for an end to 'violence' but neglecting to condemn Israeli occupation of West Bank and Gaza.

Further, the Indian government wants to use the services of the pro-Israel lobby in the US both as support to, and a model for, its own lobbying activities in Washington.

For India, Israel and its affiliated lobbies in Washington can be a useful instrument, for promoting New Delhi's case on the Pakistani issue. This was a topic raised in a recent trilateral meeting held this month in New Delhi, attended by Jewish Institute of National Security Affairs (JINSA), the influential Washington-based think tank, former Israeli intelligence chiefs and Indian security and defence experts. - Martin Sherman


Blogger -canuck- said...

Sure it wasnt another 'factional' dispute?

3:01 AM  
Blogger Diganta said...

Israel's close ally in Asia are China, Turkey, India, Korea, Japan and Thailand. How you term 'closest' is your judgement. For me there are no scale to measure the 'closeness'. For military closeness, China is the closest ally, because China is the largest Arms importer from Israel and Israel is the second largest arms exporter to China (after Russia).
Israel's largest Asian trading partner is Turkey, trade can be another measure of 'closeness'. Also in 2002, Turkey ratified its largest military deal with Israel.

Let me also list which Asian country established diplomatic relation with Israel in which year :
Turkey - 1949, later revoked and then resumed in 1991 (also has FTA)
Japan - 1952
Philippines - 1957
Thailand - 1958
South Korea - 1963
Singapore - 1969
China - 1992
India - 1992
All Central Asian Countries - 1992
Jordan - 1994
Sri lanka - 2000
A list :

By the way, any of these Asian allies of Israel has never supported Israel in Palestein issue.

8:20 AM  
Blogger Diganta said...

2001 Durban conference against racism - In the voting, India abstained.
But there are other Asian countries those voted in favour of the resolution (in favour means language criticising Israel will be omitted). The Asian countries those supported the resolution directly are :
Japan and Turkey. The non-Muslim countries those opposed it are : Vietnam and China. Those who opposed were because of some other reason, and not because of Israel.

7:10 AM  
Blogger Diganta said...

It is absolutely true that India got closer to Israel than 1960s, but it's still far away from getting as close as Turkey, Japan, Korea or Thailand. The reason is pure economics. Israel is selling the Military equipments at half of the price of USA, because the best buyers of the industry (Middle-East) does not buy their things. Both India and China are taking this oppourtunity and buying bagful of weapons from them.

The other truth is the existence of Israel is a reality now-a-days, majority of countries have diplomatic relations with it. I think Pakistan and Bangladesh will also establish diplomatic relations with them, very soon.

7:15 AM  
Anonymous Cryptic said...

'Two wrongs do not make a wrong right'

Israel have been encouraged to be an outrageously terrorist state by the rouge states that have business relations with it. India is one of those rogue states that has diplomatic and business relations with Israel for a long time now.

Having diplomatic relation is one thing and buying bagful of weapons is another thing, clearly. Two wrongs surely do not make a wrong right. Relationships between various 'immoral' states do not transform an 'immoral' state to a moral one.

12:53 AM  
Blogger Diganta said...

Cryptic -
Israel's biggest business partner is Turkey in Asia, followed by China. Israel's largest Arms importer is also China. It's interesting to see why China is exempt from that 'rogue state' list.

9:00 AM  
Anonymous said...

I have added your blog @ Bangladesh Blogs Aggregator . Best of luck.

3:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is the author from from Bangladesh?
India has created the country and provides most of the aid...And this is the response from the citizen of this country? God will definitely punish you with couple of more Sidrs. The nation will remain begger for ever (survive on the donation and remittence from low grade workers in Europe and Middle East)...
India provide higher education and aid to Palestinians as well.
Israel has better HR record than any barbaric moslem countries...The BD has 35% non moslems even a 4 decade ago. It has reduced to less than 10% now...And you guys are preaching to Israel(who is targetted with constant suicide bombing)!!!!...
Before writing crap, read history...Bethehelem, erusalem was not created by arabs...

8:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you bangladeshi shit head, did you not succeed in getting into india illegally ?

lakhs of your brothers and sisters did and after we gave you food to eat, is a blog like this all we deserve ?

From Proud Indian

7:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

4 decades ago Bangladesh had one fourth Hindu population . Now it decreased to 12 percent .May i ask Hindus why they kicked my ancestors from India ?
All of my uncle died by hunger after my grandpa migrated to Bangladesh .listen you indian fool who wanted to blame bangladesh u need to remember many Muslims protected Hindus from Pakistani in 1971 . Hindus left Bangladesh , Lost their wealth it was one sided story . We suffered the same as Indian Muslims .Get it in your head .Now once again i dont want to hear any more comment from any racist bjp supporter of India .

1:26 PM  

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