Friday, August 04, 2006

Links that matter

>>Fugstar gets back to Dhaka and gives a brilliant description of his day in the city

>> Leading Indian and American Newspapers brands Bangladesh as the new terror hub at the same time (Hey ! what a con-incidence). These should please the AL supporters for sure !

>>Is Islam a Violent Religion? - Such over-simplistic stereotypes tend not to be well thought out and are generally just intellectual laziness on the part of a person who can't win an argument otherwise. Anyone can cherry-pick a verse or two from a book.

>> To Arabs, he's the new Nasser, but to the West he has become the new Bin Laden - Even his mortal enemies admire his charisma, but Israel knows it must kill Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah if it is to claim victory in southern Lebanon. First, however, it has to find him.

>> For Israel, The alternative to Hezbollah may be occupation

>>The secret lives of the babes behind their veils - Another right wing stuff from the great Times !


Blogger The Bengali Fob said...

Hah! The Muhajababes one was funny. I love it when people go to the Mideast to see what veiled women are really like.

Geez, veiled women are just like every other women. Some are hypocrites and some are the real deal, just like any other population.

Of course, only Allah (SWT) can judge who is who and what is what.

4:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good source of news from UK radical weekly:

Articles on history of Hezbollah

2:23 PM  

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