Thursday, August 03, 2006

And I quote.....

ou must know that historically there are two
kinds of slaves. House Negroes and Field
Negroes. The house Negro lived in the big
house; he dressed pretty good; he ate pretty
good and he loved the master. Yeah, he loved
him more than the master loved himself. If the
master's house caught fire, he'd be the first
to put the blaze out. If the master got sick,
he'd say: "What's a matter, boss; we sick?"
WE sick! If someone said to him, "Let's run
away and escape. Let's separate." He'd say,
"Man, are you crazy? What's better than what I
got here?" That was the House Negro. In those
days he was called the House Nigger. Well,
that's what we call them today because we still
got a lot of House Niggers running around."
- Malcolm X ( From the movie 'Malcolm X')


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