Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Why Bush should do the Muslim prayer

Islam: The reason why George Bush will never win in the Middle East

by Jane Stillwater

BlockquoteYeah, I know you are thinking that I'm gonna try to tell you that Islam
will defeat George Bush because it is a great religion and all that. Wrong.
I'm not even going to say that it's because, even with his head shaved,
Kaysar, the Iraqi-American on Big Brother All-Stars, is totally

No, the real reason why Bush is deluding himself about ever being able to conquer the Middle East is because, even though Bush has better weapons, Muslims are BETTER THINKERS.

Here's proof. Try doing the Muslim prayer. Touch your head to the floor.
Notice how the blood rushes to your brain and you get better ideas and THINK

Bush should try it at home. Who knows? He might even realize how incredibly STUPID he's been to kill all those women and children in Lebanon. Hey, it could happen."


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