Sunday, June 05, 2005

Short newz !

Report published that US identifies India as a major transit point for human trafficking. India is a source, transit and destination country for women, men and children trafficked for sexual and labour exploitation, a US State Department report has said.

Bangladesh received remittances worth $3.5 billion in the July-May period of the current fiscal, recording about 15 percent growth over the same period of the last fiscal.

Comments on Rochelle Jones's report on "Increasing fundamentalism in Bangladesh: A threat to women's rights?" by Habib Siddiqui

Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd., a Bangladeshi company, has unveiled its plans to raise 27 million pounds through global depository receipt (GDR), from the British capital market. Beximco Pharma, which is merging with its sister concern -- Beximco Infusions -- plans to use the funds to add new manufacturing lines and processes for repaying foreign loans, reports Financial Express here Friday.The company announced that the stock is ready for launch next month. It is expecting higher returns on shareholders' investment with profitability.

London Shamed - by Bangladesh: While Ken has been spending a fortune on a fleet of new diesel buses for London, Bangladesh has announced that all its publicly owned vehicles will be converted to run on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). CNG is far cleaner than diesel and converting an old engine to run on it is a lot cheaper than the six figure sum a brand new bus costs.

Bengal's favourite fish off the shelf : Hilsa - the tastiest of this shiny, silvery fish has always come from the rivers of neighbouring Bangladesh. West Bengal also imports hilsa from Burma, but fish-loving Bengalis swear that they are nowhere near as tasty as the ones from Bangladesh.


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