Sunday, May 22, 2005

War 'Secrets' revealed by BBC

I was searching for a clue on the creation of Bangladesh issue and the first thing that I found was this report from BBC published published on 1 january 2003. The report by Rich Fountain, a BBC correspondent in London, reveals the hidden agends behind the liberation war of Bangladesh.

"Secret British official papers from 30 years ago shed new light on the bloody confrontation between India and Pakistan in 1971.

The papers show that the US administration believed that India was about to dismember Pakistan. The papers include secret transcripts of a summit meeting between the US and British leaders in December that year....

Beyond South Asia, many people saw it as a freedom struggle in which India played a helpful role against an oppressive military hierarchy in West Pakistan, led by General Yahya Khan.
But the transcripts of talks between the Indian Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi, and Mr Heath, and of the Heath-Nixon summit in Bermuda, show it was more than that.

Mrs Gandhi, on a visit to Britain, told Mr Heath of the pressure in her cabinet for her to take Pakistani territory and not return it. "

I am sure that this report will put an end to the whole creation of Bangladesh issue and seal the mouth of 'helping hand' theory lovers.


Anonymous someguy said...

bIg DEAL.... the independence war has become ambiguous,its history forgotten,it heroes mortified/impoverished and its villains receiving lifetime achievement awards and positions in the country's political hiearchy.No one is worth having trust on. One political party goes to power and enables the establishment of india's research and analysis wing(RAW) secret regional HQ in Dhaka, another party goes to power allying with those who used to slit the throat of freedom fighters during the days of 71...there are commies..there are retired tyrants with loadsa wives and madmoseils...none has the magnitude of a true leader.

and bout taslima nasrin...she and i are from the same town. Sometimes her views depict what is true...but her views bout Religion aint appeasing. I mean sure there might not be any Allah/god,sure there might be no afterlife...still i choose to believe in one...cuz..well i dont know..its just a maternal intution i guess... in BD aint as amusing as eating bacons and yorkshire puddings on a quite London street.You can't taste the real blood if you aint in check my blog out and see how wretched can life be in BD.(still i kinda love it)

7:44 AM  
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Blogger Diganta said...

There are lot of defence documents which will say against it, which one to trust?
By the way, I think whoever thinks of 'helping hand' even today, is a fool. It was a convergence of interest and not at all a help. Indians did it for their own cause, Bangladesis gained from it.

6:43 AM  

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