Thursday, May 19, 2005

Over the Moon and Back

I have finally managed to get the speaker going - it was a relief . A little word of advice - if you are working with micro wires please don't try to take coating off by burning them, it destroys the wire. If you want to connect two such wires, twist them together and then solder them. I guess very few people know the trick but it works - it really does.

I will consider using spectrum analysis on the speakers and for that I have two options. I can use a spectrum analyzer but the one we got have a 3dB point at 9 kHz and in that case it's not much of a use for audio spectrum analysis. The second option is to use Labview which apparently has a built in vi for spectrum analysis. Labview sounds promising , all I need now then is to buy a microphone that has a wide bandwith. Tomorrow I will start on 3D FEM and try my best to finish it off before my presentation in June.

Another good news ! Paul has officially taken charge of the laser system from the Myanmar Bitch. I have managed to pull something out of the whole fighting with the giant bitch. It is a win for me - no matter how small it is.


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