Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The Italian Job

It's been quite a long time since I am writing my own stuff. I had a lovely time in Italy and some places were dead georgeous ! Me and Rose started for Italy on 2nd of April from London Stansted to celebrate our first marriage anniversary. The journey to the airport from Cardiff was something of a headache- we had to reach Victoria station first to get into London and then we waited few hours there before we could catch the bus to Stansted airport. In Victoria station we learnt that Pope has passed away at last !!

At around 2 o'clock in the morning we reached Stansted airport and found no chair/ to sit or sleep; People were sleeping or atleast trying to sleep everywhere they possibly could. So we just lied down on the floor like many others and tried our heart out to sleep a little but couldn't. Thank Allah the morning came and the flight was on 6 o'clock. We reached Rome at 9 o'clock in the morning on 3rd April. After some irritating time with our Green Passports in the immigration , we finally managed to get out of airport and see Rome . Oh yeah !!

Rome was amazing, full of surprises and old stuff. We saw the famous Colosseum where gladiators used to fight, the palace of Julius Ceaser, the old city of Rome , the spanish steps and the famous fountain of Rome where you throw coins to have good luck. It's a busy town like any other capital city and loads of Vespa - trust me, Loads. Everywhere you see you see girls and guys riding on vespa and every few inch you will find Bangladeshis. If you walk for sometime I am sure you will find Bangla speaking people walking by you. It's amazing and they are all from Bangladesh !

From Rome we went to Venice by a overnight train and the feeling I had when I came out of the train is simply breath taking. The station is on the bank of the Grand Canal and when you come out of the station you see Venice floating on Water- Amazing ! The boats were on even at 5 o'clock in the morning. When the day broke fully , we went to St. Marco - the center of Venice and the journey from the station to St. Marco was one of the best times I ever had. The vast Canal, the blue water and the sun on it was simply too beautiful to be true. The palaces and small islands were all peeping from a long distance. The center was very lively and we went through various alleys of Venice. Gondolas were expensive but if you can afford it , it's very romantic. We went to a far island then by boat and took rest and had our lunch over there. It was all sunny and shiny water- what else do u want ?

From Venice we headed for Florence - the romantic city of Europe. One of the few reasons why people come to visit Italy is to see David by Michael Angelo and this brilliant statue of a nude male is right here in Florence. Florence is busier than Rome and I felt like it's more like London in some ways. Loads of tourists of USA - almost everywhere in Florence. We went to see the Uffizi Gallery where many great art works are preserved. I was thrilled to see 'Sunflower' by Van Gogh. There were some breath taking skulptures by Rossi and Michael Angelo. David was originally placed here in Uffizi Gallery but then it was moved to a different gallery. We went to see the David just before the gallery was closing. Although taking picture and video was not allowed, I along with many others have managed to get a nice shot of David. Walla !

The last destination was Pisa- an hour journey by train from Florence and there's only one thing to see and that's the great 'Leaning Tower of Pisa'. A serious engineering fault turned out to be a great tourist attraction. It seems the tall tower is gonna fall anytime and eventuallt it will fall down despite numerous attempts to reverse the leaning process or atleast stop the slow leaning process. It will be a true engineering spectacle if the tower can stand like this another fifty years or so. It was interesting and very leaning specially if you look at the bottom part of it.

From Pisa we headed for Rome to catch our flight back in London but when we reached Rome we learnt that almost all the airports in Rome have been closed for public due to Pope's funeral. It was a nightmare for me after everything went so good , I couldn't believe something bad like this can happen. After few frentic and horrible hours of my life I decided to book a new flight next day from Treviso airport in Venice. We started on a overnight train to Venice and when we got Venice nobody could tell us where the Treviso airport was. It was atlast the Bangladeshis who came to help once again. With the help from our Bangladeshi brothers we finally managed to get the plane back in UK. Trust me- it was such a relief to get back here; I was naked mentally after the cancellation of flight and I felt like breathing again when we got here in London. Home ! Sweet Home !


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