Monday, May 16, 2005

Anti Indian or Anti Hooligan Orofe Peace-loving !

Read the letter from Amarnath in NFB. I like the last sentence he wrote. Perfect example of a secular hooligan from India.

"Bangaladesh got freedom by Indian Help. Dont forget that. Day by day your country is becoming anti Indian. You will regret for that one day"

His letter came as a open threat to all the Bangladeshis as a result of an article publised earlier in NFB by Mr. Zainal Abedin -
Response to Col. Hariharan's article: 'Begum Khaleda's Compulsions'

An awfully amazing response came the next day to break the hooligan's bones. This time it's from Azizul Karim in Canada. Read the full article here - Why Such Anti-Indian Feelings among Bangladeshis?


Blogger Diganta said...

Anti-Indian feeling from Bangladesis is normal, because they're neighbours of a giant nation. This is same in case of Vietnam/Taiwan/Mongolia for China. Indins should get out of the loop that they helped Bangladesis gain their independence. Bangladesis should understand they'll have issues with India as they share many resources with India and geographycally they'll be surrounded by India. So, anti-Indianism won't help them practically. But the root cause is underplayed in the articles, that is, Hindu-Muslim. Till now, that is the cause of India-Bangladesh misunderstandings.

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