Thursday, June 16, 2005

Shame on you !

It would surely be hard to match a community like Bangladeshis who are so worried about their country's Human Rights Abuse. It's good to see that Bangladeshis are so aware of the Human Rights situation in their own country but it's an unique thing you have to admit. I have met people from many countries and truly speaking I haven't found anyone who speaks bad about their country. Say for example- Britain. It's recent human right record is appalling since the new anti-terror laws were passed. Hundreds of foreign nationals have been imprisoned without any reason and without any right of bail. The more recent law states that if any overseas person want to get married , he/she needs to get a permission from home office. These are all official abuse of human rights apart from all the other unofficial or 'hidden' discrimination and racism that goes on every single day. I haven't found any Briton worried about their country's Human Rights ! There was no Briton, living overseas, who went in front of his embassy and protested and arranged numerous conferences to address any of these serious abuse of Human Rights. Ofcourse it's Britain- it's rich and white and it really don't care what Human Rights the other colours have. The same goes for USA. Looking at it's past and present Human rights records, one would expect sparks of protests from the Americans all over the world. But nothing much happened apart from Bush getting re-elected for the second term.

Forget the big guns , lets look at the neighbours. If foreigners are not much of a concern then atleast the abuse of fellow countrymen should provide something to think about. But despite having terrible human rights record ( , ) , India or Indians in general are not bothered about all the abuse that goes on very often, moreover, it's heaven for all people that's what they all say. It would be quite a victory if you can hear a single bad thing about their country from them. It's great and and even greater to see how they celebrate even the small thing of their country. They compare Amitabh to Al-Pacino, Sridevi to Marilyn Monroe. Do we dare do the same ?

I couldn't find a single Indian, Pakistani or Burmese person or a group of people who bash their country so much as we do. We have established organizations both home and abroad to do this job. 'Uttorshuri' and 'Drsihtipat' are two such organizations who run online forums to bash Bangladesh on a daily basis. They are excellent in preaching negative news on Bangladesh and surprisingly quiet when anything positive happens to Bangladesh. They, supported and fed by our long lost friends from Kolikata, can't find anything good, so they say bad things about their own country. It's a restless job but bravo to the Bangladeshis to manage to pull themselves together for bashing Bangladesh and safeguarding human rights in Bangladesh. They not only run online forums but arrange protest rallies in the west and feeds the western media and people with all the spiced up mixture of human rights abuse stories, produced and delivered by Indian media, from Bangladesh. Just yesterday, Dr. Reza kibria , the very educated licker of India, announced on live TV that he is arranging a conference in London on the abuse of human rights in Bangladesh. Despite several objections from people , he couldn't see the point why Bangladesh would be anyway affected if you grandly announce your motherland as a terrorist country on a foreign land. Very difficult thing to understand I guess. Only if you, Mr. Kibria, had any love for your country, you would have easily understood the consequences it will bring to millions of Bangaldeshis living abroad. We don't need to be branded anymore. Shame on you and that's from the bottom of my heart. I hope you die homeless on Bangladesh land and all the Bangladeshis can wank on your smelly face.


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