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'Bangali racial fundamentalists' - Part Deux

It’s been quite a drama since I published my post on ‘Bangali racial fundamentalists on rampage’. It seems the BAL supporters couldn’t take it so easily and decided to have a go at me. One ‘anonymous’ supporter started personal attack on me by posting stupid comments. Another one decided to go a bit further and started threatening me. Well, to be honest, I didn’t expect things to go this far. Suddenly I felt I am against the mighty ‘Putin’ government. But these unfortunate incidents made one thing clear as far as Bangladeshi politics is concerned – “You cannot criticize any action committed for the sake of politics, if you dare to do you will face the consequences”. One good example is when the Bangali racial fundamentalists beat Jamaat activists to death in front of the TV camera. Now, as I have mentioned in my earlier post on this subject, the BAL activists and supporters claimed that this ‘beaten to death’ action is perfectly legitimate simply because the person who was beaten to death belongs to the ‘anti-liberation’ group. Sadly, even the intellectuals who write numerous articles day and night couldn’t find anything wrong in this atrocity. Zafar Iqbal, the self-proclaimed prophet of Human Rights, who gets mysterious calls from his supporters whenever there is a trouble in Bangladesh, wrote in his article about the incident – “the AL activists bursted in anger”. Full Stop. That’s it. Nothing more than this sentence, as if nothing has happened. This is sickly sad and really unfortunate for Bangladesh.

I want to mention one important issue regarding this incident. Apart from BAL, its supporters and the pro-AL intellectuals, all others have ‘successfully’ condemned this act of violence. However, one important thing is missing here, nobody asked for the punishment for those killers! Even if they were caught live on TV, their pictures available everywhere on the internet and their ‘pro-liberation’ videos available on you tube, Bangladesh have failed to punish these criminals. Does this mean you can get away with ‘anything’ as far as it’s political? A ‘no justice’ trend for political murders will only ensure that incidents like this will happen again in future and ‘NOTHING’ will happen to the criminals. When Sonny, a Bangladesh Engineering University (BUET) student, died as a result of the crossfire between two rival BNP groups few years back – nothing happened. The girl slept to death in the middle of the street while the BNP thugs kept shooting at each other from one hall to another. No, we didn’t have justice that time and we won’t have it this time as well even if we all know who the culprits are.

However, back to the topic, I believe the Bangali racial fundamentalist group popularly known as Bangladesh Awami League and its supporters are posing a dangerous threat to the practice of ‘tolerance’ needed in a democratic country. Their sheer arrogance is nothing new and since they always get success by being ‘anarchists’ , they believe that it’s the only way forward for achieving their targets.

“Just a day after the victory from Pakistani occupation, thirty-five years back a grotesque real-life drama was enacted at Dhaka Stadium on December 17, 1971. The actor was freedom fighter Kader Siddiqi, and the victims were two men. Alleged to be Razakars, they were bayoneted to death by Siddiqi in front of a group of cheery crowd of the Muktibahini or the liberation armed groups. Horst Fass and Michel Laurent of Associated Press (AP) have won the Pulitzer Prize by photographing the grotesque killings of the two persons. The horrifying AP photo series "Death in Dacca' haunted the then government. And it was one of the reasons why all the prisoners of war (POW) of 1971 were immediately shifted to India for safety. A repeat performance of the bizarre stage show on October 28 of beating up one man to death by over young men made Dhaka known as a notorious city across the world. On that date Awami League-led 14-party alliance workers swooped upon allegedly one Jamaat worker and beat him to death in broad daylight in presence of many people.”

As you can see the incident in 1971 and the one in 2006 is pretty much similar and most importantly the Bangali racial fundamentalists haven’t changed their reasoning or behaviour in 35 years time. Perhaps we can draw some conclusions based on their arrogant behaviours. Feel free to suggest more if necessary.

1. BAL claims that they have initiated, executed and brought independence for Bangladesh and therefore ‘they’ are the sole owner of Bangladesh. As a result they automatically belong to the ‘pro-liberation’ group and the rest who don’t believe in their ideology belong to the ‘anti-liberation’ group.

2. BAL firmly believes that they have the authority to kill or ban anyone who poses a threat to the ‘independence’ of the country. This is why Sheikh Mujib initiated a one party political system and banned all the newspapers.

3. BAL arrogantly claims that Bangladesh belongs to ‘Bangalis’ only. They continuously talk and act in such a way as if no other race exists in Bangladesh. After liberation, Sheikh Mujib famously asked all the tribe people to become ‘Bangali’!!

4. As BAL pretends to be the sole owner of Bangladesh, they also act as if they are the sole owner of Bangali culture. BAL and its supporters claim to be only party people in Bangladesh to defend, define and dictate the Bangali culture. If you don’t go by their rules, you are an ‘anti-Bangali’ force. Simply they are the ‘Bangali fanatics’!

5. BAL is, by textbook, a ‘left of the centre’ political party. However, their fanaticism, racial hatred and supremacy, arrogant and violent attitude towards opinions that differ from them puts them in the ‘centre of the right’ position. Bravo to BAL for beating BNP (right of the centre) and becoming a truly ‘fascist’ party!


Blogger wervo said...


Bangabandhu is the father of the nation. So this country belongs to Bangabandhu. He may be dead but his heirs are alive. Bangladesh Awami League (BAL) is there. So Bangabandhu’s living daughter Sheikh Hasina and BAL are the owner of this country and of the power of this country. BAL will never tolerate anybody else in the power.
For last five years, BNP held the power by force because, they say, they won majority of the parliamentary seats in the rigged election of 2001. Though Bangadesh Awami League shown stronger muscle and louder media voice, they did not respond to our call to give us back our power. Now, BAL will teach them a lesson.
Some elements go saying that BAL doesn’t follow democracy and democratic rules. They are ignorant. They should know that democracy itself has to follow Bangladesh Awami League. You know Bangabandhu made BAKSAL in 1975 and exercised autocratic power. So, what else should be the ideology of his party! Though for strategic reason, BAL has to honour democracy in her speech. Each and every leader and worker of BAL bears democracy full of mouh. You won’t find so much democracy anywhere else.
BAL doesn’t like hartal or oborodh. BAL knows that people suffer unthinkably. Moreover, hartal and oborodh strips people of their democratic rights. Bangladesh would never be liberated unless Babgabandhu did it. No other family gave so much blood for this country. Even then, these people did not cast their vote in favour of Bangabandhu’s party in 2001! They must not belong to this country. By casting their vote they robbed Awami League of the power of this country, they drove BAL away from the right to power of the country. BAL has no duty, no mercy to these people. They must suffer.
Bangladesh Awami League doesn’t want constitution. Bangladesh Awami League doesn’t want democracy. Bangladesh Awami League doesn’t need them. Bangladesh Awami League need only power. We sent our agents to the Advisory Council to make the Chief Adviser know that. But instead of listening to them he listens to the constitution. Chief Adviser, you better quit, you must quit. BAL will find its way to appoint an obedient, patriot and peace loving Chief Adviser. He will arrange transfer of power to Bangladesh Awami League.
And that is the secret key to peace.

9:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Comment moderation has been enabled. All comments against Bangladesh Awami League will be approved by the blog author!!! What a shame!! You don't have courage to hear against your BNP/Jamat coallition and you are hoping peace in bangladesh?? Anyway i am not asking you to post this comment. Make yourself happy by posting the comments you want to see not for all the readers. And your BNP/Jamat ruled the country exactly the same way you are running your blog. Happy blogging!!!

1:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

By the way have you come accross the following video lately?? See how your BHAIA Tareq Promoting Violence in Bangladesh.

This is just for your information.
Don't post this in your blog. Because only 2 persons (you and me) are following up your blog. Thats why most of the comment counts are a big 0.

1:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Chicken,

I found the following video from one of your links posted on your blog.

See if you can find any activities against humanity.

Happy blogging you son of Nijami and Khaleda!!!!!

6:41 AM  
Anonymous Shottobadi said...

Dear anonymous (Bengali cow)

If you are saying that the bloggers are the son of nizami and khaleda.I am damm sure you are the secret son of bakshali Hasina and nizami(Her ex -boyfriend ,when she did andolon on same stage).Bravo Bangobondhu team..... always say activities of RAB is against humanity and the incident on 28th November(killing jamati man and later claiming their supporter and caught red handed again)was justified.Those people openly call people to bring logi ,boitha to fight.What a shame?Oh i forget to tell ,please advice your so called so many Phd carrier Dr Hasina mom that she forget we are in modern scientific world so she doesn't need to call Logi Boitha better call for laser bomb or nuclear wepeaon which are availbale from her favourite place(india).

11:14 AM  
Blogger Razib Rashedin said...

Dear Anon,

Your 'personal attack' attitude is exactly what inspired me to introduce comment moderation. However, your continuous refusal to comment with an identity and sheer arrogant stupidy left me wondering whether moderation is a good idea after all ! Therefore I have decided to remove the moderation from now on. You can shout and scream anything you want , but remember your behaviour says a lot about you and your political ideology.

12:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Khaleda Zia or Dying Patient?

2:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Shottobadi(??)

Look how your BHAIA Tareq is promoting violence

2:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Killings of Nizami-Khaleda

2:09 AM  
Anonymous shottobadi said...

Dear anonymous,

Oh man see the news available on line what your mom hasina did in suprime court today.Best promo of violence.Real godmother(like godfather)wants to control everything.
Oh I forgot to say your godmother is looking for another boyfriend (Ershad)for another unsuccessful baby(like she did with nizami on stage).You may forget but no no we aren't forgetting so easily.or maybe she is just renewing her exrelationship with ershad.I think she had kuch kuch relationship already.
Ha ha ha ha ha.But I think she is a bit naughty ,everytime she forget her exboyfriend ,exrelationship and wants to fight with them.

4:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When judges do injustice...

Remember that icon? The goddess of justice is blindfolded and the two weighing scales in her hand are evenly poised. That is the symbol of a just and a civilised society. Does that symbol carry any meaning in our judicial system at the moment? A million-dollar question.
In our society we have always held judges in highest esteem. They received utmost reverence and admiration, not only from the common people, even from respectable people of other equally exalted professions. Judges, by virtue of their honesty, uprightness, wisdom and neutrality, created an aura of holiness around them that stayed until they retired from the service. Even in retirement they carried the myth with them.

The reasons being, judges used to come from the best stock of learned people having the required academic background and experience and all other mandated qualities to sit on the chair as deliverer of justice, with malice or prejudice or favour to none, upholding the truth, the only truth, and nothing but the truth. And after the Providence, judges are the ones who are legally empowered to decide the fate of a man -- whether he would live or die.

In Bangladesh, judges and common people or people of other professions have always maintained a respectable distance from one another lest familiarity worked as a deterrent in executing their verdicts. A judge was not to be seen merrymaking in public. A judge was not supposed to walk the path of the commoners. A judge was to stay one rung above others in the social ladder. A judge was to be the last refuge of a helpless person. A judge was a custodian of the constitution.

But when judges waver; when judges are indecisive; when judges are irresolute; when judges falter and when judges become partisan -- politically or otherwise -- they begin to slide downward from the high moral ground and begin to lose their respectability in society. If this happens to a judge then that would be considered only one step short of a sad demise of the iconic aura he once enjoyed.

And that is what we have been witnessing in Bangladesh in recent days. Yes, it is with a heavy heart and bewilderment that we note that in Bangladesh some judges are out to do great injustice to their exalted profession by unnecessarily getting mired in controversial political issues when they were expected to remain above such commonplace affairs.

Politics has become the profession of the thugs in this country. So, why should some judges with good track record get involved in this? What has gotten into them? Do politicians enjoy more power and respect than the judges do? Surely they do not. Then why become their agents and offer your office to let them manipulate the legal proceedings and thereby destroy the image of the sacred precinct of law? Isn't it like throttling your throat with your own hands? It is bizarre indeed that some judges are violating codes of conduct one after another with impunity, and we have to watch such ludicrous moral plunge on our TV sets on a daily basis.

It gave us much pain to see the entire nation mocking at a once respectable judge when he began to toy with people's right to vote and be enlisted as a genuine voter. This particular judge has no record of personal dishonesty and he had entered the last part of an illustrious career. Then something got into his head and he injudiciously walked into a vicious trap that was cleverly set for him by the vested quarters. From then on, this respectable judge began to act like a man possessed. He not only discarded a valuable data base of voters, he began to create a new voter list despite a High Court ruling that prevented him from throwing away the existing voter list. He was to upgrade it only by including the genuine names of the new voters.

His work was stopped when the Supreme Court upheld the HC ruling. But as this particular judge went on with the work of upgrading the voter list, he eventually ended up including names of more than one crore new voters. Even though the entire nation questioned the authenticity of such result, he opted to remain tight lipped. Then began a hide and seek game with the people and media. By his acts, the judge went against the will of the people; went against the dictates of the constitution and he obstructed the people from having information, thereby violating their basic right. Is this expected of a judge?

But it was nothing when compared with what the chief justice did the other day. He has done something in his own domain that will go down as the darkest period in the annals of justice in Bangladesh. By his acts, the chief justice has exposed his leaning towards one side, which is most unbecoming of a person sitting on that exalted chair.

Our question is: Had the verdict gone against the chief adviser of the caretaker government would that have affected him or the legal system of the land in any way? Then why did he do that? Is he empowered to protect any person from trial before the hearing of the case has been completed? Didn't the nation expect him, and most rightly so, to be neutral as a judge? Has he lived up to his oath?

Be it fish or tree or human, once the rot spreads to the head, the chances of survival become nil. When the office of the chief justice becomes partisan, can we expect unadulterated justice? A million-dollar question, again.

6:37 PM  
Anonymous Shottobadi said...

Dear anonymous,

You know whats your problem probably whole awami lot when you think someissue you always do some tricky statement saying whole nation thinking.When you are against any judgement you willl say that whole nation is against this judgement .And finally you will destroy whole suprime court system just saying that whole nation wanted that.

But its not your fault.Awami lot is emotional and they don't understand administrative word or thoughts.All they can do is politics on the road.They will have support from so called cultural people ,shushil shomaj,deboprio group and thats it.Oh and always try hard to get some support from foreign people.But sometimes they don't want to get involved.One of the hasina's favourite job is to send bad comment to all foreign people.

You know what awami lot will use everything media,lawyars.foreign party.But will never got through public mind.Whole cultural lot do their bussiness with NTV but they do andolon on street saying that BNP was supressing them.Sara jaker sold her so many programm to NTV and doing andolon on the road against Falu.Hahaha

I really like your article.I mean I can do course work on your article and ofcourse can get better grade.But end result of the article is destroy the whole suprime court because the judge's decision isn't right which you think.

And please don't say everytime that whole nation is thinking what you are thinking.its rubbish.Same mistake did shekh mujib say 30 million died in 1971 which is completely wrong and now his daughter saying (choddo koti).How you people get those estimation.

12:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Office of the President & Chief Adviser of
The Peoples Republic of Bangladesh Government
Urgent Career Opportunity
The Peoples Republic of Bangladesh Government seek to appoint 4 (four) vacant positions of
Advisers on an extreme urgent basis.
The job-holder will work closely with Professor Iajuddin Ahmed, the President and Chief
Adviser of the “Presidential Care-taker” government. Objective and responsibility of the position
is to spoil the democracy and establish a corrupt dynasty in Bangladesh.
The Role
● Work in collaboration with the President in operating the Election Engineering
System efficiently,
● Selecting appropriate personnel in election administration (from Chief Election
Commissioner down to Upa-Zilla Election Officer)
● Take necessary action so that other parties do not take part election.
● Maintain close liaison with “Hawa Bhaban”
● Strategic use of Bangladesh Radio and BTV for the propaganda of “Unnayaner
The Skills & Competencies
● Ability to misinterpreted the Constitution and fluent in speaking partial truth or lie.
● A dim, able to work as instructed.
● Strong commitment and loyalty toward Gulam Azam the Mastermind of “4-party
Alliance” and “Election Engineering”
● A dreamer of Saltanat-e-Bangladesh.
The Qualification & Experiences
● A degree in Conspiracy, (recent graduates from Uttara would be highly valued).
● Relevant experience in oiling and buttering the proper channels.
● 1971 Rajakars / Al-badars experience is an asset.
● Experience of corruption, mentoring corruption and Doliokoron
● Assured “Money-making Positions” once the objective is achieved
● Assured share of the companies in Malyasia, Saudi Arabia. Confirmed a
palace/mansion in Ockland, New Zealand.
● Applicant having reference from Pakistan, Hawa-Bhaban, Mogh Bazar or Naya
Platan is confirmed appointment.

7:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Anonymous,


President, self declared Chief Adviser (CA) of Caretaker Government, and host of presidential rule in BD - Mr. Yes-uddin appointed the following four new advisers on December 12.

Prof M Moinuddin Khan: born in Pakistan was an aid to Rao Forman Ali in 1971, and a known rajakar.

Shafiqual Haque Choudhury: a close ‘friend’ of BNP minister Osman Farooque, and a BNP beneficiary.

Maj Gen (retd) Ruhul Alam Chowdhury: was military secretary to former BNP president Abdur Rahman Biswas - himself a known rajakar.

Dr Shoeb Ahmed: was the VP of BNP-group of BD Economics Society.

Looks like all of them fulfilled all the requirements My Yesudiin was looking for.

6:31 PM  

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