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So Who Created Bangladesh ?

I first heard the phrase ' we created you' from two undergraduate Indians guys. I thought to myself these are few horrible people - believing in the goodness of the mass people. But the numbers kept rising and I thought have I been missing something in my history lesson for all these years. I remembered when I was in my 9th grade the infamous Malek Sir of Lab school, during one of his private tuitions, told us that it was indeed India that liberated Bangladesh and like many of us would think I thought he is nothing but a Rajakar ! But now after all these years I hear the same thing again and this time it's from the Indians !! Hmmm...Rajakar Indians !?!

After being humiliated and mocked at by various Bharotio Lokjon with the same proud statement I finally asked my closest Indian friend here about the creation thing and to my suprise he said "oh yeah yeah I heard back home...people say that we created you". So it's definitely not a one off thing then. It's a national preaching (propaganda ?) that Bangladesh is nothing but a war ( not love) child with Pakistan from India's point of view. So what about the history books that we memorized so far ? All cover up ? By the way, don't ask a Tamil or a Shikh about general Bharotio Monovab simply beacuse they don't walk in the mainstream and have a bitter clash with the central government. Coming to that point soon.

Few days back I was watching a documentary on the assault of the Shikh Temple in Punjab during Indira Gandhi's time. The Shikhs, after years of oppression, started demanding for a independent state "Khalistan". The leader of the rebel group was sheltering in the Golden Temple and Indira Gandhi , to capture the notorious rebel, ordered to cut off all the communiucation links to Punjab from the rest of the world and sent hundreds of troops to put an end to the Khalistan demand. The fight continued for the whole night and at the end, early in the morning, the army bombed the main gate of the Temple using a tank and killed the guy. After this incident Skikhs were tortured and burnt live all over India. As a result Indira Gandhi was killed by her own Shikh body guards. But then again the Shikhs were tortured mercilessly ( , . I was asking my dear friend ( Ram Deshmukh) why they didn't give freedom to Shikh people. His response was " we can't afford to's the most prosperous state in India...why would we give up part of our country ?" True, very true but then why did you help Bangladesh to get freedom. In response he simply smiled. The same thing goes for Kashmir. When asked why don't you let it be Independent ? The common answer is " It's too small to run own it's own...It's in our blood. We cannot let it go". Yeah ! true again, I guess India loves to help the freedom seeking people ! But It doesn't like other countries helping freedom seekers( The common complaint about Bangladesh now is that BD is helping the North-east rebels of India. The rebels have regular meetings in Dhaka !! ) Goodness me ! A treat of its own medicine !


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have much to learn I see. You have gotten several things wrong here.

1. To begin with, there was no "years of Sikh oppression". The Punjab problem has political roots. The situation was exploited by internal as well as external vested interests.

2. Tamils and Sikhs don't walk mainstream? Wow, you gotta be kidding me now. Half my family is Tamil for crying out loud. For what it is worth, India as a Sikh PM and a Sikh Army Chief right now. Even back then, there was a Sikh president. I could go on but you prolly don't want to listen.

3. No communication links were severed by Indira Gandhi of Punjab from rest of the world. This is what I call "pure bull".

4. Sikhs were not turtured and burnt alive after this incident. That happened during Sikh Riots of 1984 i.e. after Indira Gandhi's assasination. A shameful blot on India if you ask me...*but* it did *not* happen all over the country - mainly in Delhi.

5. If you are going to quote pages from websites like dalistan, I can only assume that you have not bothered to verify the ownership of the websites you quote from OR you are spreading lies intentionally.

6. Your "friend" Ram Deshmukh obviously doesn't know zilch about "why they didn't give freedom to Sikhs". Let me guess - your friend either does not exist or has not spent enough time in India. Hear me once and for all - India is proud of its people including the Sikhs. Therefore, India will not tolerate any thoughts of further partition.

7. I don't expect you to believe me but some of my friends actually supported Khalistan movement early on and *all* of them admit that they made an ill-informed mistake.

8. Again, I suggest you read up on a bit of history of how Jammu & Kashmir became part of India first through the instrument of accession signed by Hari Singh and then by a resolution of an elected assembly sometime around 195x...I don't remember the year accurately. To read the most authentic, comprehensive and honest writeup google for Arvind Lavkare on and read his Kashmir series. It doesn't get more black and white than that.

9. Tell me, why doesn't Bangladesh "give freedom" to CHT tribals? Now go back to #6 and read the last two sentences.

Kind regards,

11:15 PM  
Blogger Razib Rashedin said...

1. No years of Sikh opression - really ? Who were those people then giving interviews on Channel 4 and crying because they lost their limbs and lost their friends and families ? I see that it's all staged and those people were not actually sikhs but look-alikes !!

2. I have met hundreds of Tamils and I do have Tamil friends as well. I heard people from other parts of India complaining about Tamil people cause they don't mix with others. Most of them don't even know Hindi and they don't want to. When the army killed so many Sikhs the army chief was a sikh then and he was the one who carried out the operation. Sikh PM and Sikh army don't guarantee anything in the same way a Muslim President doesn't guarantee heaven for minority Muslims. It's all eye-wash ! Stop kidding now. These stuff are for children not for grown -ups !

3. You can compalin to BBC and Channel 4 if you want. The 'SIKH' army explained on channel 4 program what actuallt went on at that time. So according to you, the Sikh , channel 4 and BBC are all lying.

4. Again complain to the Channel 4 team who made the documentary.

5. You are intentionally defaming the Sikhs - not me. I guess you are the one who is spreading the lies and denying all the wrong-doings.

6. I can only laugh at your stupid comment. You torture a group of people, order them not to raise their voice and tell the world that 'look how wonderful we are all together'

7. Khalistan movement is a reality and many people died for it. I don't believe your lies anyway.

8. yes I have read, Kashmir is a Muslim dominated state and the people there wanted to be with Pakistan but the British rule established a Hindu king and that Hindu king , during partition, signed kashmir to India and the conflict started.

I don't believe a single word by rediff. It's pathetic and disgusting. Not to my taste, sorry !

9. Bangaldesh has successfully integrated the CHT tribal people in mainstream society. The tribal people don't want freedom rather they want more recognition of themselves and their culture. More and more needs to be done to put spotlight on tribal people and it's happening.

2:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

< buddy you dont know the reality so please dont make such statement without knowing the details first of all do the proper research about the topic and only then dare to write. you mut have heard the saying "neem hakim khatrae jaan'.

11:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey wtf is wrong with u go search the freeking internet nd type in skihs in 84 ur a fuking dumass almost a million innocent sikhs were killed becuase of this and hey my uncle knew a friend who was killed during those riots u supid kid nd hey were being demolished as we speka thos hindus r tryin to absorb us if India calls it self the largest democracy then it shood stop callin it self Hindustan and call itself a democracy for all human beings no matter their race or religion-A Sikh

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