Friday, July 27, 2007

Bush Seals Hasina's Fate ?

Today George Bush has expressed his support for the present CTG. So what does this mean to the 'voice of resistance' Hasina ? It seems that she will never be able to become the prime minister of Bangladesh again and she could even end up spending rest of her life behind bars. Ah ! so sad !!

U.S. President George W. Bush has lauded a drive in Bangladesh against corruption and terrorism as the country's army-backed interim government prepares to hold a general election late next year.

"Both the countries have strong values in upholding democracy and were committed to work together against terrorism," a Bangladesh foreign ministry statement quoted Bush as saying.
"We support your efforts to fight corruption and collect taxes" and appreciate the interim government's efforts for "sticking to its promise to hold elections in 2008.."
Bush, according to the statement, said that Bangladesh "affirmed and re-affirmed its dedication to democratic principles in numerous elections" and termed the country as an "example of moderate and tolerant Muslim nation."
Here is a video of Bush making fun of himself ! Hope you enjot it -

The next video is a cartoon of Jesus visiting Bush. Great comedy !


Anonymous Maverick said...

Dear Rashed

I am a freqent visitor of ur blog. Well I guess I would like to your neutral idea on the present state in BD and analyse the failure of the political parties that led to this condition.

If you go through Sajeeb Wajed Joys blog ( you will find the 'holier than thou attitue' ... That his grand father was a great man there is no doubt. But I dont share the same sentiment about rest of the Sheikh clan.

I guess they should come out of the closet, stop pretending to be honest and ask for forgiveness from the people. Sk Hasina is very good at that.. crying and stuff.

Through you (as ur a fellow blogger) I would like to ask Joy:

1. Why his mother and he failed to say anything about 300+ Bangladeshis killed by BSF?
2. Where did he get the money for studies at US?
3. Why is he still in US not beside his ailing father?
4. His idea on why his mother petronized criminals such as Jaynal hazari, Shamim Osman, HBM Iqbal, Abul Hasnat Abdulla, Maya .. and the list goes on....

Happy blogging. Pay Joy a visit.

6:43 PM  
Blogger Faylasuf said...

Thanks Maverick for frequently visiting my blog.

I visited Mr. Joy's blog before and on your request I have been there again. I am shocked to see such anonymous(!) support for this great man !

Im my religion, 'Haya' or 'Shame/Modesty' is part of my faith and from my experience, I have seen that whenever a person loses the 'haya', he/she can easily commit the most unthinkable. I think this applies to Mrs. Hasina and her US son. In fact, this applies to most of our politicians.

Happy blogging !

10:37 PM  
Anonymous MAVERICK said...

Hi Rashed

Its me MAVERICK again. Found these2 amazing videos in YOUTUBE .. sending your way .. Hope you will host them with some intro in your blog.

6:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I wanted to let you know that there is a blog on Bangladesh that is becoming quite hot now.

It is called "Bangladesh, Asia's Dirty Little Secret" and its address is:


R.A. Johnson

7:19 AM  
Anonymous Sunny said...

Hasina should keep i nmind that just because she was the daughter of a a liberator, doesn't give her the birth right to come to power every 5 years. Mujibur Rahman was a criminal and he sucked up to India and got killed for it by his own forces.

10:07 PM  
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Blogger SePhORA said...

I would like to take this seriously, but then again the only bush I take seriously is my own ��

2:11 PM  

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