Thursday, November 10, 2005

Bangladesh, Afganistan and Rock (!)

It's been a pretty hectic week so far so I didn't have much of a time to write peacefully ! Anyway, there was a programme last night on more 4 : 9/11 out of status. It's about the deportation of illegal citizens from USA after 9/11 and how the deportations affecting the concerned people's lives. I mean how left wing can you possibly be that you have to cry for illegal people overstaying in a country. These people are as seak as the right wing people. I say hit the balance or be branded as a ' human rights fundamentalist' !

In a previous post I have given plenty of links where Bangladesh is termed as the next Afganistan and now a 300 page book is coming out in India with the same title ! Goodness me !! What a co(n)-incident !!!

BANGLADESH: The Next Afghanistan
By Hiranmay Karlekar
Source : Hindustan Times

....The author further argues that the headquarters of Islamic terrorism is shifting from Afghanistan to Bangladesh, which he describes as a `soft` state with an ineffective government and police force, and which Islamist groups, with their organized and well-armed cadres, can easily dominate. Islamists are being systematically placed in key positions in government, and an Islamist state within a state is being built for the ultimate takeover of Bangladesh as the base for Islamist—including Al Qaeda and Taliban—operations in South and Southeast Asia......

So what do you think ? In a few years time Bangladesh will turn into a Islamic state ? Now my problem is what's wrong if a country becomes islamic after all; hardly anybody complained when a hardline Hindu party was ruling India ! I think the problem is with the terrorism and not the religion. There are some con people who cleverly mixes the two things and play the blame game. These days the usual suspects are Muslims and Bangladesh is a Muslim dominated country. Apart from her being a poor, flood hit and small country , she is also a Muslim country. How many super tags can she possible attach to her name ! How lucky can we possibly be! We are both Bangladeshi and Muslim. WE ARE DOOMED !

The most obvious sign of Bangladesh becoming Afganistan is that two bangladeshi rock bands are gonna rock in the South Asian Rock Festival in Nepal. Black and Watson Brothers are representing Bangladesh in this rock festival. Bands from other participating nations are India, hosts Nepal and Pakistan.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

check out this link below about ure rockfest. in Nepal

1:46 PM  
Blogger Diganta said...

jottosob baje katha ... "Bangladesh:The next Afghanistan" is a good "story" for kids :).

12:47 PM  

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