Monday, October 24, 2005

Me Speaking !

Hey I am speaking after a long pause. That's a news indeed. I have been pretty busy with my project so far. Just finished the intial testings and waiting for the Taiwanese Professor to come up with his 3D Mdelling. In Taiwan , Bangladesh is known as Mowjala , strange huh ? I have known this when I was in Manchester and this Taiwanese post-grad asked me where I am from. He couldn't recognise the country and then when he typed it in his electronic Dictionary, he said "Oh I know it's called Mowjala in our language". The same thing happened with this Taiwanese professor. So Mowjala is my Bangladesh - repeatedly confirmed by two Taiwanese.

I have been obcessively listening to few music for the last month or so. One is Katie Melua - 'Nine Million Bicylces' and the other is Hyder Husyn and his album 'Faisha Gechi' - great stuff ! Katie Melua's songs might seem cheesy for many but her voice is thrilling to say the least. She is a pretty chick from Georgia and appearing in almost all the morning shows in UK. Guess how famous she is now !

Amadergaan has stopped delivering free mp3's to its guests and members as part of its stand against piracy. It will only sell mp3 music from now on. As someone has said "the Biggest copyright violator has now become the copyright police"- seems true. I guess there are arguements on both side. It's all good for the sake of piracy but have they thought about the BD students in UK who doesn't have a credit/debit card ? After 9/11 the banks have stopped giving switch card even. Bad luck to the students and also the teenagers outside BD who don't have cards to buy mp3 from the copyright police !

That's it for now. Be back with more ! Till then - Sayonara


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