Sunday, September 25, 2005

Beijing to provide Dhaka nuclear knowhow

Source: Financial Express

The Chinese government is said to have succumbed to Bangladeshi pressure for atomic science transfer in exchange for major naval bases in the Bay of Bengal.

Bangladesh’s hardline Prime Minister Begum Khaleeda Zia had during her recent visit sought nuclear power technology from China. The transfer of civilian nuclear technology is just a cover because, sources say, China might proliferate weapons technology as well, as it originally did with Pakistan, Iran, and Libya.

It may be recalled that China supplied the nuclear technology to Pakistan after India’s first nuclear test in Pokhran in 1974, because it wanted to encircle it, and also in an attempt to gain atomic advantage.

China followed up transfer of nuclear technology by selling missile technology as well, that gave Pakistan eventual nuclear parity with India.

Bangladesh is travelling the same road. Countries besides Bangladesh, like Brazil and South Africa, which gave up their weaponisation programme with the end of the cold war, now feel India is unfairly advantaged by keeping its nuclear weapons.

“Some of these countries feel that India is probably getting special concessions from the US after the signing of the civial nuclear energy cooperation in July,” sources said.

They added that with several countries opposing the civil nuclear energy cooperation between India and the US and a crucial board meeting of the Nuclear Suppliers’ Group due to take place in Vienna, has provoked Bangladesh to look to China for such a cooperation.

For long, China-watchers have held that China wants to set up an alternative state to North Korea, in case North Korea were to ever stand down in its nuclear confrontation with the US, and Bangladesh has long pined for that position.


Anonymous BANGALI PATRIOT said...

I hope Bangladesh's military forces become as strong as India's and Pakistan's. I don't like nuclear weapons but if Bangladesh feels threatened by then Bangladesh should strenthen its military forces. LONG LIVE BANGLADESH!!!!!!!

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